Hello everyone! I have another article that I know is important. How to wash your bra’s 101. Here is the step by step process of washing your bra’s. So you don’t ruin them and make them hold for years. The proper care of your bra’s will create long-lasting results. Read On!

  1. Using lingerie bags. Hook your bras in the back. And put them in the lingerie bags, and zip them. To prevent tangling while washing.
  2. Use your detergent of your choice. Like Tide, and add Downy to make them soft. And is gentle on the fabric.
  3. Let the machine go through a delicate cycle in cold water. To prevent shrinking.
  4. When they are done washing. Take them out. And lay them out to dry. Facing up. Keep your bra’s hooked. And lay them out on a towel on a table surface. ( Do not put them in the dryer. )
  5. When they are fully dry. Lay them in your lingerie drawer facing up and hooked in the back. Lay them do not fold them. This helps them keep their shape.

Simple isn’t it. If you follow this process your bra’s will last for several years. And you’ll be that much smarter about the caring of your bra’s.