Hello! I’m back with an interesting article about living in my thirties. The things I learned so far is a milestone. As I can clearly say that life in my thirties have been my happiest years. And life gets better as I look to the future. Here are 5 things I learned in my Thirties.

  1. Remember to say I love you. To the most important people in my life. That goes for my parents, siblings, and extended family. As long with the friends that have been there for me in my toughest times. Just know that everyone in my life will die eventually. (Including me) and I want them to be sure that they know how much they mean. And that they did great things in their life. One day they will be gone. Just  appreciate them in their life while they are alive.
  2. When you realise it’s not material things that are important. It’s the gifts of love, kindness, friendship, companionship, and trust. That  mean the most.
  3. Everywhere I look is a new skin anti-aging product. And there are a lot. Just know that we will all get wrinkles, and you can’t avoid it. You can help it. But you will get old. Everyone does. Embrace your longevity with grace. Wrinkles are a sign that you smiled a lot. So smile you earned your wrinkles.
  4. My health has been a blessing. I have just been told I do not have brain cancer. And my blood results are almost perfect. So I count my blessings. I have a clean Bill of health.
  5. As for my love life Yes, I am still single. But I look at it as a blessing. I’ve never been divorced. And I don’t have kids. So I have more freedom.

I hope I gave good insight in things to learn as you are in your thirties. Everyone has their own life and lessons. I just wanted to say embrace it.  Take Care and have a great day!