Hello Everyone! The subject today is about Astrology. And talking about wither horoscopes should be taken seriously. Or, are they just for entertainment purposes only?Being a Taurus myself. I automatically get named stubborn. But I am anything but stubborn. A better word for it is loyalty or committed. But other signs read this about Taurus and they automatically judge me. Also as you read your horoscopes. Do you feel that they have truth? Or do we just go on our day as normal?

I have gathered some information in psychology about couples. We all do it. You meet a certain guy. And want to know wither if you’re a match, or not.  So we look up his birthday, and read his horoscope. Doing this ruins the whole mystery of that person. And you create a bias either for him or against him. Don’t let a horoscope make you decide what to do. Because it says it right on the site. It’s for entertainment purposes only. And are not a psychology report. And is not a way of counseling. So instead of stalking him for his horoscopes. Talk to him and only him. Have an endless bond of conversation. Now a days communication has become endangered. Instead of looking up his horoscope. Talk to him, call him, write to him. Because he would love to talk to you.

Talk to him about his likes. Like music, movies, sports, hobbies, and talents. Create a friendship regardless of his sign. Don’t let a horoscope ruin a good potential guy. He will appreciate that you are genuine and thoughtful. Let the relationship happen its natural way. Through communication.

Also be wary of Astrology sites that ask for your credit card information. It most likely is a scam.  Never give your credit card information to anyone you don’t know. Don’t waste your money. Instead like I said if you really want to get to know someone. Talk to him. It’s the best solution to relationships. Have an open bond of communication.

Have a good day! 🙂