Hello Everyone! I’m back with the discussion. With the books I listed, for this new year.  I provided the next books I have read. So let’s Begin!

  1. The Female Body: An Owners Manual. By: The editors of Prevention Magazine.

    I don’t know where to begin with this one. I have learned so much, from this book. It’s like a dictionary for a woman’s body. It provides facts, and solutions to so many problems. That us girls face. It goes in alphabetical order, of the anatomy. Every part of the body is mentioned in this book. Such as bones, heart, reproductive organs, eye’s, ears, nose, and legs. It has sources from doctors and professionals. In the medical field. They provide solutions to problems. Like, Did you know that high heels are really bad for your feet? Not just the foot, but back, and hips. Stick to flats, and heels only an inch high. Any higher, and you will encounter many problems.

   The most they emphasize is regular exercise. Like walking, swimming, and bicycling. Are necessary. Also stay away from cigarette smoking. It also stresses the point in how this bad habit can affect women. Also, by drinking more water you will improve your health.

   This was a very detailed book of healthcare. And doing these suggestions will improve your health. Like getting the proper diet. Adding more fruits and vegetables. Also fish like salmon are great sources for eye’s and brain.

   It also has a workout section at the very end. To tone your whole body. It teaches you the proper exercises for every part of your body. To tone and strengthen.

Overall, I give this a great recommendation. We all can improve our health. It’s never too late to improve yourself. I also will write articles resourcing from this book. Enjoy!

2. The Time Traveler’s Wife! By: Audrey Niffenegger

   This book was very eventful. The story is about a man named Henry DeTamble. And he is a time traveler. He meets with a girl named Clare. He meets her as a young girl. And he meets her later again when they are older. They eventually have a love life. Filled with happiness and sadness. As they grow through time. They get married. ( Please note this is an adult book) (There are high levels of sexual content). So don’t read this one to your kids. It’s for a more adult audience.

  So as the story goes. Henry and Clare miscarry six babies. And the seventh one was their last hope. They name their baby Alba. And she happens to be a time traveler as well. 

  Now when Henry time travels he is found naked. So someone brings him clothes. That knows about him, and his time traveling ability. The story ends when Henry dies at age 43. It ends with Clare being 83, and Henry from age 43 appears. And they are together again. 

  I would give this book a good rating. I felt that it was too sexual at times. Remember don’t read this one to your kids.

3. The Dark Tower The Gunslinger. By: Stephan King

  This book is about a gunslinger named Roland. He travels to seek out the Man in Black.  He wants to find The Dark Tower. But everyone tries to stop him. They say he is on a dangerous road.  He kills a whole church with his gun.

  While he sets to cross the desert. He meets a boy named Jake.  They get along. And they travel across the desert. In search of the Man in Black.  The Man in Black is the gateway to the Dark Tower. He eventually finds the Man in Black. And tries to shoot him. But the Man in Black says “Don’t lose your answers.” And vanishes.

  Then, Roland. Kills some mutants, that attacked the Gun slinger and Jake. They kill them. Then Roland finds the Man in Black again. Then they discuss about the Dark Tower. The Man in Black reads Roland his fortune by tarot cards. And says that the Dark Tower is dangerous. And would kill Roland.

  But this is where the story ends. And is part of a series. So the story is not finished yet. 

4. Once! By: James Herbert

Thom Kindred is a stroke victim. He decides to return to the place he grew up in. His family owns a castle called Castle Bracken.  Also he stays at a cottage in the woods. Called Little Bracken. Here we meet many characters. Nell Quick, Hugo, Katy Budd, Sir Russel, and Jennet.

He is reliving his past. He finds out his mom was a faerie. And became human when she fell in love with Jonathan Kindred. Jonathan died when Thom was a baby. And his mom died when he was 11 years old. He is remembering everything about his life with the Faeries. He also has a guardian called RigWit, which happens to be an elf. Thom also falls in love with a faerie named Jennet. Nell Quick is actually a witch. And is the villain in this story.  Katy is Thom’s Physiotherapist.

The ending was really entertaining. And Nell Quick dies.  This book was good. But does have sexual content. So Don’t read this one to your kids. It’s for a more mature audience.

5. Gai-Jin! By; James Clavell

  This book was really engaging. From the very first chapter. It pulls you in. I read about the British and Japan war. It is on the military base in Shogunate. All the characters had interaction with each other. It is a love story between Malcome Straun and Angelique.

  Gai-jin is a term Japanese use to discuss the British army. It means scum. Or a lower class of people. Japanese do not like British people.

  Malcome’s mother Tess Straun is against them getting married. And no priests would marry them. Because Angelique’s parents were outlaws. And said Angelique only wants Malcome’s money. Although Angelique has a deep dark secret. (But you got to read it. I wont spoil it). But Malcome refused her threats to Angelique. And marries her by the captain. Only on their wedding night. Malcome dies.

  The book has real samurai ninjas. And they are well-trained by the emperor Yogi. Yogi is the emperor of Shogunate. And was married to the princess Yazu. Raiko is her second name. Here you read that Japanese have many names. Many go by their birth name, and also another name that everyone refers to them.

  The story really picks up when Sumomo a woman ninja. Kills the princess Raiko. And tried to kill Yogi. But he won the fight. And killed Sumomo. He learns that she was sent to kill him, by Katsumata.  The emperor’s enemy. In the end they fight and Yogi kills Katsumata. And Hanjiro (a ninja assassin) blows up the town. And Japan and Britain go to war.