Hi! It’s me again! And I have got a topic we all face. Makeup on first dates is very important. I’m not saying that you should wear your makeup for a man. I am saying this as a guide to help you on your first date. And make it successful. You don’t want him to feel like you are a high maintenance girl. With a bright red lip and overly done eye liner. And with the Holidays coming shortly. Is where we get asked to attend parties, and social gatherings. Meeting parents and friends of your man. You want them to think very highly of you.  And this guide will help you get through the date successfully.

First I will talk about eye’s.

  1. Men usually go for girls who are natural. This is where less is more in these types of situations. Colors such as pink, brown, grey, or tan. Is preferred. Also just one solid color will do. With a simple eyeliner that outlines your eye’s shape.
  2. Also with an eye lash curler curl your eye lashes. It makes your eye’s captivating.
  3. Then use a coat of mascara to make you seem awake during the date.

Also don’t forget to use foundation. Before you put on any makeup.

  1. How to apply your foundation. If you use a powder foundation. With a brush or sponge applicator. Apply by going in a circular motion on your forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose area.
  2. Apply it evenly. And don’t over do it. This is where less is more in this area.

If you use blush. It will make you seem happy and cheerful.

  1. Just apply a rosy pink shade. To the apples of your cheeks. And blend back towards your temples.

Next are the lips.

  1. Natural shades if pinks, or even a nude natural shade. Are preferred
  2. Also glosses are preferred. If you know you are going to be kissing a lot. Glosses tend to be more intimate looking. Than a red lip.
  3. If you want more of a natural red shade. Go with a shade of rose or pink. Not too dark or too bright. That sends him a message you don’t want to be kissed.

Also where some perfume.

  1. Pick a scent you know smells good on you.
  2. If you want more intimacy on your date. Pick a scent that has pheromone  in it. It will make him sexually aroused.
  3. But if you are going to be around his family and friends. Pick a floral scent.

The last thing is Smile! And laugh. And have a good attitude on your date. And that will be your success as a date. I hope I helped you all in this subject. And hope that I advised you well. Have a good day! And hope your date goes well. Let me know.