Teachers are leaders and by being an Art Teacher would lead children of originality, creativity, and imagination in our youth, and building a generation to develop in our society. Why do we need Art? “To relieve anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, relationship issues, and lifechanges.”(Buchalter)

How can the student apply leadership in becoming an Art Teacher? Because without art there would be no history, no architecture, no imagination, and no entertainment. “To practice mindfulness and self-compassion.”(Buchalter, 2017)

Art Therapy also helps mental illness in young adults and can aide them in engaging exercises that help them cope with anxiety, addiction, and mood disorders. There has been more awareness of mental illness across the country and art has proved to be very valuable in recovery. Art makes them relaxed and eases anxiety. “Art has an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels. Research has proven the arts develop neural systems that produce a broad spectrum of benefits ranging from fine motor skills to creativity and improved emotional balance.”(Philips, 2015-2020)

How can the student apply leadership in being an Art Teacher? Fun activity ideas to teach emotional intelligence through counseling. Teaching children and teens how to draw, paint, and write. And by leading generations to shape a better society. Because without art it would be boring, dull, and mundane. School’s are a business that starts a generation of the next decade. Because teachers lead the youth to shape our society what are businesses doing when they need a leader to coordinate events and activities? “To unleash the creativity of children and teens, and teach social skills. Can lead generations to shape a better society.” (Joiner 2016)

Why do school’s need leaders? Activities to use with children and teens to control anger and anxiety. Leadership is more of a way to say we want a better world and create ways we can improve businesses. For example an Art Teacher motivates students to see art as an important subject. It enforces a better society and is just as important as math, English, and history. Why might it be valuable for the student to possess both leadership and management skills in their personal and/or professional lives?

In the book In The Company of Women Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Maker’s, Artists, and Entrepreneurs.Empowering advice and inspiration from over 100 influential women explain how they embraced their creativity, and overcame adversity. These are successful artists and business owners.”(Bonney, 2016). The women that faced their fears, overcame adversity and made their businesses work for them.They have their own work studio’s and have their own companies. Many of them started from scratch. And did not let others persuade them any differently in their chosen profession. Some learned from mistakes. And they turned their mistakes to something positive. In the end women are a powerful force in leadership especially in the art field. It is a picture of what happens when we pursue our passions and are successful at achieving their dreams and have successful careers.

By teaching students to paint, draw, and create because it is important for their imagination and relaxes the brain while providing, and teaching psychology of Art Therapy. Teachers are managers because they do have to manage a classroom and structure by keeping the students engaged.What are businesses doing when they need a leader to coordinate events and activities? Why do businesses need a leader? Leaders lead a business to a better future through planning, organizing, and creating. “The following ten traits were shared when front-line staff, supervisors and middle managers were asked what makes a good leader? And they are: Innovative, Coaches, Caring, Strategic,Visionary, Trustworthy, Adaptable, Passionate, Champions, and Fun.”( Jones, 2015)

  • Innovative- To be involved and active in teaching the subject.

  • Coaches- Help students with exercises and engages them in the course.

  • Caring- To keep a caring atmosphere in the work setting.

  • Strategic- Helps with strategy in the exercise the students are learning.

  • Visionary- Creates a visual picture of the exercise the student is learning.

  • Trustworthy- To be able to trust the teacher that is leading the classroom.

  • Adaptable- To make students adapt to their surrounding environment.

  • Passionate- To have passion in teaching the subject to the classroom.

  • Champions- To be like role models, or champions in their subject.

  • Fun- Students who have fun in what their learning create a positive atmosphere in the

classroom. ( Jones, 2015)

How can the student apply their Bachelors Degree, in being an Art teacher?By having a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership the student would benefit by having the credentials to teach. It is a professional requirement to be a teacher and to have a degree. It makes sense if the student goes into teaching. In the workplace, home, community, organization, or another real-life scenario, would the student view yourself as a leader or a manager, or both, and why? Leading has been a strength to the student and were told that they have leadership characteristics within school and work.

Why do businesses need a leader? To bring a solution to issues the business needs to adapt.Based on personal and/or professional experiences do managers or leaders have more of an impact on generating positive outcomes? If they uphold their integrity in their work, then yes they do have a positive impact on generating positive outcomes.

Why should Art be taught in school’s? “Art programs have the potential to help improve a student’s memory and concentration skills, develop decision-making and critical thinking skills, enhance communication and listening skills, but also encourage focus and discipline.”(Turbide, 2015)In a study of why art should be taught in school’s, showed a positive outcome in how students perform in school’s.“Art education can also help a student to improve self-esteem and social skills.Students who are taught art have higher student attendance and lower dropout rates.” (Wignal, 2019)

Reports show that students had fewer fights, greater understanding of diversity, and greater peer support. Through teaching of the arts students of all levels from beginner to expert learned to become engaged and self-educating. 21% of students of low socioeconomic status who had studied music scored higher in math versus just 11% of those who had not. By senior year, these figures grew to 33% and 16%.”(Wignal, 2019)

In the graph below it shows the divide across the United States. Showing how art is being cut from school’s in the southern regions. Art in the northern regions are more creative and more successful in their educative careers.

art map

Why should children, teen’s, and young adults have social skills? Communication is an activity, skill, and art that incorporates lessons learned in our human knowledge.”(University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing (2010) There would be more leaders in our economy and better employees come from a higher education. Leaders lead a business to create a better future through planning, organizing, and creating. Viewing the differences of management and leadership, managers plan, organize, and pay bills.

Leadership is more of a way to say we want a better world. To Conclude: Teachers are leaders so being an Art Teacher would lead children and young adults in originality, creativity, and imagination. And building a generation to develop in our society will help promote future leaders.


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