New Year’s Resolutions Half a Year Away!

Hello Everyone! We are now approaching summer and the middle point of the year. So today’s topic is. How are we maintaining our New Year’s Resolutions we made five month’s ago. Have you stuck to your plans and goals? Or have you gone off course? Read on for how to get back on track. For the rest of the year.

  1. If you made fitness and nutrition goals and are still handling your health. I would say now is the time to up your game. Maybe you started working out. And began a fitness routine. Maybe it is time to advance your fitness level to intermediate or advance. You may feel stronger now and more in shape. Maybe people have been complimenting you on your fitness progress. Keep it up!
  2. Have you been drinking your water? Have you limited your sugar drinks like juice and soda? Maybe you drink tea and coffee. Watch out for your caffiene intake. You don’t want to have the jitters or restless sleep at night.
  3. Battling addictions like smoking and alcohol. This is not an easy thing to do. If you have slipped or struggling to let your habits go. Seek counseling and support groups. You are not alone and can find many people with the same issue as you. Don’t give up. Just start over. And don’t beat yourself up about it. It is not an easy thing to overcome addictions. Also, pray about it.
  4. How are your finances going? Are you spending less and getting out of debt? Are you budgeting your money? And using your finances for things you need? Having a good money stradegy is good.
  5. How is your education going? Have you completed your degree yet? When you overcome this milestone it is a reason to celebrate.
  6. If you have gone off course on any of your goals. It is still half way. You can always start over again. Don’t beat yourself up about it. It happens. The main focus is to get back on track.

Well I hope you liked this article. And inspired you all to keep up your hard work. I am supporting you in your journey of the year. Happy Half Way Of The Year to You! 🙂

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What’s New in the Summer Time For You?

Hello Everyone! I am back with another tarot reading. About What’s new in the summer time for you?

Time Stamp;

Pile 1: (Rose Quartz Moodstone) 1:48

Pile 2: (Lapis Lazuli Moodstone) 29:19

Pile 3: (Opalite Moodstone) 43:23

Tarot Decks I Used:

The Rose Oracle

Healing with the Fairies

Heavenly Bodies Astrology Tarot

Seasons of the Witch Beltane Oracle

Garden Dragons Oracle

Moonology Oracle

Hope You Like it!

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Summer Style Guide 2022!

Hello Everyone! I am back with another style guide for this summer this year. As the temperatures warm up and more fun at the poolside. We all love to shop for swimsuits. BBQ’s and summer holidays has us gathering for yummy food and socializing. So let’s get started with this years summer style guide 2022!

  1. Is a site that provides all kinds of options. For all sizes. They provide many different styles in swim appearal. From bikinis to full suits. They make them figure flattering. And you get to shop conveniently online.
  2. Some women prefer going to the store instead of online shopping. Some women like to try them on first before they pay. And that is their preference. Some stores that provide good selections in swimsuits are JCPenney, Mervins, Kohls, and TJ Maxx.
  3. Sunhats are also a style staple. It is best to protect your scalp from the sun. Also, you should switch your shampoo that has SPF in it.
  4. Sunglasses are also important. They protect your eyes. And reduces aging around your eye area.
  5. Sundresses are also very style chic. A nice flower print is classy. Also, they are lighter in fabric, making it a cooler option for hot weather.
  6. A new pair of sandals are good to shop for at this time of year.
  7. Also, get a manicure and pedicure. To keep your hands and feet in tip top shape for summer. Make sure your feet are nice and smooth.
  8. A nice hair cut and style will always be a good. You should always get trims every 6-8 weeks. And get your hair off your neck.

Well, I hope I helped you in this years summer style. Hope you liked it. <3 🙂

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Growing Spiritually

Hello Everyone! I am back with an article on spirituality. That by practicing spiritual practices can help you grow and be healthy. Spirituality goes along with whatever religion you are. Whatever your beliefs are spiritual practices makes us stronger in our soul. Here are ways to be more in tune with your spirituality.

  1. Reading the Bible everyday. Whenever I read the Bible I get a sense that God is smiling when I pick up the Bible and read. I feel his vibrations and grow just by reading a little scripture everyday. This keeps me close to Jesus. And I feel a sense of grace and faithful thinking.
  2. Praying- Praying for others as well as yourself helps your relationships be stronger. When we pray for our friends. Also, for our enemies we are doing something Jesus tells us to do. Also, the more we pray for things we are creating a bond between Jesus and ourselves.
  3. Going on Hiking Retreats- Taking the time to go out in nature is important. To connect with nature we are connecting our vibrations to the Earth. Being in nature brings us peace of mind and can really help our health by tapping into our environment.
  4. If you practice Wicca, you love nature even more. Witches are very much in tune with environment issues. They actually like to help in Earthy practices that help the environment. Like, Aromatherapy, meditation, picking up litter, cleaning our oceans, and rescuing animals. Witches also, love animals very much. Most like to help animals in times of stress.
  5. Divination tools- Tarot cards have also changed a lot over the years. They really have evolved in the new age era. Some are spiritually based and can tell beautiful stories about ourselves. Tarot cards are a fun way to describe solutions to our questions. And gain insight into our spirituality.
  6. Astrology can be a fun way to celebrate birthday’s. Every sign is unique in its own way. It tells us about the stars in your chart the day you were born. It also, gives insight into what our strengths and weaknesses are. Although, they say it is only for entertainment purposes. Astrology just tells a story about how our signs develop and grow.
  7. Yoga can be a great way to incorporate meditation. Yoga is a Hindu practice that helps all Chakra points of the body. There are 12 Chakra points in everybody. Being mindful of our breathing and stretching can improve our health in many beneficial ways. It can also help lose weight.
  8. Essential Oils and Aromatherapy- This is a tool to create peaceful interactions with others. Also, Aromatherapy can cleanse peoples homes, clearing out negativity, and purify the air in our homes. Some aromas can promote sleep, and help with sleep disorders. It makes us calm and peaceful.
  9. Singing Hymns- Singing hymns in many religions makes our soul feel in tune with our soul. When we sing to others and to the angels we send vibrations into the environment. It makes us feel blessed and can bond with fellow friends. When we sing in a choir we are singing praises to the Lord. Praising him and being faithful.
  10. Growing Spiritually is good for you and can attract positivity in your life. It will bring many people together and practice fellowship. And bond with one another. These spiritual tools discussed can help our spirit grow. And make us feel healthier, and be mindful.

Well I hope you liked this topic. As spiritual growth is needed and to discuss spirituality brings hope for better relationships. Take Care!

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What Love Message Are You Going to Receive?

Here’s another Sweetheart Charming Tarot reading. And the topic is about love messages you will receive. Enjoy!


Pile 1: (Opalite Moodstone) 1:17

Pile 2: (Green Adventurine) 19:15

Pile 3: (Moonstone) 40:13

Tarot Decks I used:

Hummingbirds Magical Oracle

Romance Angels Oracle

Heavenly Bodies Astrology Tarot

Moonology Oracle

Oracle of the Roses

Soulflower Spirit Oracle

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Summer Reading Bookclub 2022!

Hello everyone! I am ready to get started on the next books to read on my list. For the summer. I know it is early for summer. Yikes! Time goes by fast. But all the more enjoyable when you read what you love to read. Here are my bookclub recommendations for summer 2022!

I will be excited to read these. As these are adventure stories. I will be taken on adventures. Also, learn new things in other worlds. The deadline date is August 30th. So join me in the discussion for this summer reading bookclub.

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Bookclub Discussion Year 2022!

  1. When I Saw You. By Laura Branchflower:

This book was full of scandalist events. It starts with a woman named Leah. She has a daughter named Laura. She lives in an apartment. Her husband left her for another woman. So she is busy looking for work. When the business Zertech hires her. She finds out that they are a hooker business. She goes to a lawyer named Julius. He fell in love with her at first sight. Although since she has a daughter she swore off men for good. But when he comes around and continuously pursuing her. They become the most envied couple. As Julius is the richest eligable bachelor. But then the story twists. And her ex-husband wants full custody of Laura. So She fights it with Julius. Later the story gets juicy. There were high levels of sex and intimacy. (Do not read this one to your kids). The book was good. The ending was not disappointing.

2. The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. By: Karen A. Anderson.

This book is a metaphysical book. It has multiple stories of pets dying and if there is an afterlife when pets die. Karen is a medium and channels peoples dead pets. And gives them affirming information about their beloved pets. If you have ever wondered about pets going to heaven when they die. This book brings comfort. You might cry. But the ending of the stories are inspiring.

3. Chicken Soup for the Soul. Messages From Heaven.

This book is filled with true stories of loved ones who have died and passed on. It is a book of spirituality. It affirms that death is not an end but a beginning. People have reported endless stories of coming into contact with loved ones. It was insightful and brought many of my thoughts about death and answers them in short stories. It leaves you feeling hopeful about the ones who have passed on. And that it is not an ending.

4. The Complete Guide to Chakras.

This book is also a metaphysical book on healing different parts of the body. Here it illustrates all 12 Chakras in an easy guide and practice about Reiki and meditation. By being aware of the chakra points of the body you can heal many illnesses and issues you may be currently facing. If you are interested in yoga, and meditation practices this book will not disappoint.

5. Living at 40! By: L.B.

This book was full of high sexuality. This is not a childrens book. It made me uncomfortable at times. It is about a group of friends. And they go to a retreat at a lake house. They are all in their 40’s. Which Autumn the main character wants to have a baby. But not get married. With no attachment or father. She just wants a baby at 40. So her brothers’ best friend Lucas steps up. And they hook up. They have a past history and now are becoming more. It unravels as a love story among friends. It is not my favorite book. But it was just ok when I read it.

6. The Dream Interpretation Dictionary.

This book is a dictionary of all dream interpretations. From A-Z it discusses what each symbol and meanings are that you dream about. Like, flying is a sense of freedom. Or a basement of a house could mean something about your feet. It is an informative book filled with insightful descriptions of interpretating dreams.

7. Questions for Couples & The Couples Activity Book Journals.

These books only work if you are in a relationship or have a spouse. They are journals for couples who wish to strengthen their bond with eachother. Again, it will only make sense if you have a spouse. It can’t be done if your single. And also, the other person has to participate.

I hope I gave meaningful descriptions of my bookclub recommnedations for the year 2022. I have read these books intuitively. And got some inspiring messages with each one. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

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What to Expect on Easter?

Hello Everyone! I am back with another Sweetheart Charming Tarot reading. Hope you enjoy the video! Pile 1: (Friendship stone) 2:40 Pile 2: (Rose Quartz Moodstone) 25:38 Pile 3: (7 Layered Chakra Moodstone) 40:33 Tarot Decks I Used: Sacred Travelers Oracle The Rose Oracle Spirit Animals Oracle Abundance Angels Oracle Heavenly Bodies Astrology Tarot […]
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What’s New this Spring Time for You?

Hello! Here’s another Sweetheart Charming Tarot reading. And we are asking what’s new this Spring time for you? Hope you like it.

Time Stamps:

Pile 1: (Tigers Eye Moodstone) 1:31

Pile 2: (Lapis Lazuli Moodstone) 22:26

Pile 3: (Rose Quartz Moodstone) 41:16

Enjoy! <3

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Spring Style Guide 2022!

Hello Everyone! I am back with another style guide for Spring. This year is starting to get warmer where I live. I see myself wearing short sleeved shirts, and dresses. What I see that is new this year is more options for plus sized women. Some women do not like the term plus size. So let’s just call it curvy girls. Also more age appropriate clothing for women in their 30’s and up! So let’s begin!

  1. Jessica London at: is my ultimate clothing store. Not just clothes but I find their boots fit me everytime I shop there. So if you want to get a good sale on boots. Shop for them in Spring. Since they are getting ready for Spring and Summer. Their boots will be on sale during this time. You can get a real bargain on boots this time of year.
  2. I see a lot of floral prints out their. In bright yellows and oranges. A nice floral sundress is always a good style to have in your wardrobe. Wear it with a sunhat and you will be ready for fun in the sun.
  3. Sunhats are also a good way to protect your scalp from sun damage. Just like your face. You need to use sunscreen in your shampoo’s and wear a hat.
  4. Capri pants are also going to be a staple in this years style trends. They make them with a lighter weight denim fabric. They look cute and look good on girls ages 30 and up.
  5. Sunglasses are also in. They protect your eye’s from the sun, minimizes aging around the eye area, and stylish. Somtimes you can get a pair of subscription sunglasses. So get an eye exam and get a pair of new sunglasses.
  6. Swimsuits will be coming out soon too. As it is approaching warmer weather and people spending more time at the beach or poolside. Is an online store that carries the best swimsuits for curvy girls. And also, all body types. It’s like having a professional sylist in swimsuits.
  7. Is an online store that carries the best tights and pantyhose. They just put out new spring colors and designs. With lighter weighted fabric for the spring and summer. This is a store that I love. I am so happy with all my purchases from there. They fit perfectly everytime. I am a very happy customer.
  8. Also, get a new purse. I always change my purses everytime the season changes. Clean out your purses. And get one in a neutral color.
  9. As for your makeup I would go more natural with my makeup. Think Easter colors like pink, coral, caramel, tan, and peach.
  10. Smile! Make sure your teeth are in tip top shape. It is good hygiene, and looks good in pictures.

Well I hope I guided you all well. Take Care! And happy shopping! 🙂

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