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New Discussion of Summer Book Club Reading for 2023!


Hello Everyone! I am back with the discussion of my Summer reading Book Club recommendations.

  1. Fairy Tale! By: Stephan King

This book was filled with suspenseful events. It was a bit long. But I’m glad I read it. This was unlike any book I read from Stephan King. As it had a happy ending. It is about a boy named Charlie and him befriending an old man and his dog. He saves this old man’s life. By calling an ambulence from a bad fall. The old man broke his hip. But Charlie takes care of his dog, and upkeeps the house. While the old man Mr, Bowditch was in the hospitol. When he finds out that this old man has a secret. Which was in his shed. Only when the old man dies. Charlie finds that there is a hidden secret world under the shed. When Charlie takes Radar (the dog). And goes to this world we meet many characters along the way.  He finds a way to make Radar young again to make her live longer. By a sundial. He makes it to the sundial. But on his way out. He gets captured and is locked in a dungeon. He meets the prisoners. And plans an escape.

Charlie escapes with some other prisoners. And meets his friends. Dora, Claudia, and others. He then saves the kingdom from the curse. And defeats the sleeping god. And traps the god again. He then gets recovered and returns home with a younger Radar. He goes home to his dad. And they end up sealing the hole in the shed. After convincing his dad that the two worlds must not be discovered. Then the story ends.


  1. How to sell a Haunted House! By: Grady Hendrix

This book was full of twists and turns. It is mostly about a family. Leslie is the main character and her brother Mark. Their parents died in a car crash. And Leslie is forced to stay at their old house. And try to sell it. Only to find that the house is haunted by an evil puppet and its dolls. The story is about memories and how Leslie had their moments where they get along and moments when they don’t get along.

Their mother Nancy was a puppeteer. And clown at their church. They were seen as an odd  family.  They try to list their house for sell. Only to find they can not sell a haunted house. They were forced to cleanse the house. Which eventually ended up with them destroying the main puppet Pupkin. I will not spoil how this turns out for Leslie and Mark. But Mark is seriously injured. And the Puppet mysteriously reincarnated and posesses Leslie’s daughter Poppy.  The way this book ends is a clever way the author wraps up the story.

But I finished the book and have to say I liked the book. It was creepy. But not Too scary.


These books were adventurous and suspenseful. They were a great summer read. And I’m glad I finished them on time.  Please join the discsussion if you read any of these books. Hope you enjoyed them.  Until next time!


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