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Hot New Sizzling Summer Style Guide of 2023!


Hello Everyone! I am back with another Summer Style Guide. For the year 2023! I already see some changes this year in stores. And noticed a little different styles then before. So, let’s dive in. And discuss our styling tips. Let’s begin!

  1. This years color schemes are bright greens and yellows. The colors are brighter and sets the mood for a cheerful season. Filled with sunshine and fun by the pool.
  2. Also, flowers on blouses are in this season. I see more flower patterns in fabrics and embroidered into jeans.
  3. Also, bootleg and bell bottomed jeans are in style. I have several pairs of designer jeans. That make your legs look longer. Pair them with an ankle boot. And you will impress.
  4. Also, jean fabric dresses are also in. This look is classy, easy, cool, and make a great conversation starter. It’s always good to be a little different. And develop a unique style of your own. And jean dresses are sure to impress.
  5. As for your makeup. Always include sunscreen in your makeup routine. If you can mix a sunscreen in your foundation. Do not use SPF foundation. However, It is best to have these seperate. Because foundation with SPF can be a little greasy. And do not protect as well. So shop for both Sunscreen and foundation seperately.
  6. As for swimsuit season we are more into full suits with built in skirts or shorts. It seems we are starting to get a little bit more modest.
  7. Also, hats are becoming a fashi0n staple. They protect your scalp, and helps with reducing dandruff. Because Dandruff is dead skin on your scalp.
  8. Also, use a shampoo that has SPF in it. Your scalp health is important to protect as well.
  9. Get a new pair of sunglasses to protect our eye’s. And reduce dark circles under your eye’s. As a result, to help reduce aging around the eye area.
  10. Smile, and laugh by the poolside or beach. Have fun on your vacations this summer. And drink plenty of water. To keep hydrated.

I hope you enjoyed this years style guide tips. This was fun to write. As I make these a little different than previous style guides. Enjoy!

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