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Believe in The Power of Prayer!


Hello! Today I want to write about prayers. I am a believer that there is power in prayer. Whenever you feel sick, in pain, or are diagnosed with cancer. I believe the only cure is to ask Jesus to heal you. Jesus healed the sick. He made the blind see. And the parylized walk again. He said he went to heaven to prepare a home for all of God’s Children. When Jesus died on the cross. He made it so ALL sins will be forgiven. You are not doomed forever in Hell. But when it comes to life and death. He will forgive you of any wrongdoings. If you just pray. Open the Bible. and read how Jesus performs miracles. When the doctors say their is nothing we can do for you. Pray to Jesus and let him decide when he calls on you. If the doctors say you will die. Don’t be mad a God. Pray and let him decide what he wants for you. He will bless you and if you keep the faith in him. Don’t lose hope. And you will be healed. Amen!

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