Hello Evcryone! It is now the start of Spring weather. The temperatures are going to be warmer. The sun will shine more, and the cold rain and winter temps are melting away the snow. You will see more flowers blooming. And this year’s Easter is coming up so we will be seeing more bunnies and Easter eggs. In our fashion styles I will inform you of what I see in the stores. So Let’s Begin!

  1. This year is more about T-Shirts. I am getting several pairs of my favorite bands. Support your local bands and get their merch. They will appreciate their customers. And since the Pandemic is over. They may give you coupons and discounts.
  2. Also T-shirts with animals on them is great to have. Like bunnies, chickens, and mice. It gets people to say that’s a cute shirt. And can be a conversation starter.
  3. Next, get a hair cut. Try something new to your hair. Spring is also about trying something new. Do something and treat yourself to a hair style. You can select the style from a magazine. And they may have Holidays discounts. Also maybe switching your shampoo. Sometimes using the same shampoo can make your hair dull. So try another shampoo.
  4. Also, get a couple pair of Capri pants. Goodwill is a good store to get capri’s. Sometimes when we shop at these kind of stores you can spend less and get more for your money.
  5. By this time you should switch your wardrobe to transition into Spring/Summer. So re-organize your clothes for the upcoming seasons’. Also donate any clothes that you have outgrown. Give them to your local shelters. Once you do this you can make more room for new clothes.
  6. For makeup throw out your expired makeup and fragrances. They are too old and won’t work as well. And it tends to get mold. So tossing these into the trash is a must.
  7. More swimsuits will be coming out. It will begin the next swimsuit season. So go shop a new suit. A great store I shop at is http://swimsuitsforall.com.

8. Smile! It’s the best thing when a stranger sees you smile it may make their day just by your smile

Well, I hope I advised you well. And have a great day!