Hello Everyone! We have begun our year full of resolutions, parties, and goal setting. And every year I like to spring clean my room. This year I am doing more. I am cleaning my bedroom, bathroom, I do all the dishes, and laundry. Plus I have remodeled my bedroom. I have new furniture since last year. So I will dedicate this topic to how I spring clean for the new upcoming year. Let’s Begin!

  1. First, I have remodeled my room (with my parents help of course). I have a new bed, a new closet, new nightstands, and bookcase library. Most of my room is clutter free now. I also have more shelving in my closet. And got a new closet unit for my clothes and shoes. Everything is organized. I have storage bins for some of my clothes. And a new jewelry cabinet for all my jewelry.
  2. Next, I am selling my dresser, and gave my old round bed to the orphanage. My new nightstands are glass. So I just use windex to dust them. And I still have some of my nicknacks.
  3. Also, we changed my carpet to tile in all bedrooms of the house. So we just need to sweep and mop. The floor is easier to clean.
  4. Also, I like to keep my office area cleaned. I dust my desk and re-organize my important documents in a file storage. Keeping my computer area clean makes my work better. It feels professional and gives me peace knowing my work station is clean.
  5. Here are some pics of my new room.

6. I feel so much better. It’s nice to see the finished project. I feel better and cleaner. It’s good to keep organized. And be clutter free. Being clean keeps me healthy. I feel cheerful in my new room. It gives me peace and calmness. I sleep better at night knowing my new surroundings.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed it. Until next time!