Hello Everyone! I’m back with a motivational article on positive thoughts and being dedicated in your health goals this year. Here we will talk about positive thinking, overcoming addictions, and increasing your health goals. Let’s begin!

  1. As we entered the New Year. I hesitated creating my New Year’s resolutions. Because I wanted to think about previous years. And which areas I did keep and didn’t keep. We have all been there. After one week we may feel exhausted, sore, tired of all the adrenaline we use just to get to your goal. If you want fitness in your life. You may have over done it the first two weeks. Weightloss is an ongoing process as we age. So I find take baby steps when starting out. Get a planner and calender. Write out your plans and goals. And apply them at least 30 min. – 60 min. workouts daily.
  2. Overcoming addictions is the next thing people neglect. Everyone has an addiction. Weither it is smoking, alcohol, shopping, junk food, or even internet use. So write down something positive each time you are having an impulsive action. Everytime you feel a trigger write a quote on the mirror. And look at it every morning. Read it and get a reminder why you want to overcome these trapped substances. Read the Bible, pray, write, and drink some water.
  3. Drinking more water to remove negative toxic behaviors. Hydrate your body, and clean your system.
  4. Positive thinking when feeling depressed, stressed, bored, etc. Everytime you feel negative thought patterns. Close your eye’s and breathe in slowly through your nose. And out through your mouth. Listen to some classical music and meditate. Shift your focus on something positive. Like a dog picture. Or a baby laughing. Anything that gets your mind in shape. Will make your life better.
  5. Remember to track your progress. Take a new picture of yourself. And let that be your starting progress.
  6. Don’t over due it in just the first month. Plan out the year. But take it one step at a time. Remember it takes one step to run a marathon. I don’t mean you have to run a marathon. It is a figurative quote to live by. So apply this to all your goals.

I hope I inspired you all with your New Years Goals. And develop a healthier you! Enjoy! 🙂