Hello Everyone! I am back with another style guide for this years style. Right now winter is here. And I have browsed a few things in stores. I love window shopping. For what I see is more comfort. So let’s dive right in what is new this winter.

  1. I see pajamas are a great gift as well as staying warm in the winter. So get pajamas with warm fabrics in cotton material. You can go silky, but it can be cold. So if you want to stay warm cotton or wool is more practical.
  2. Thermal wool socks will keep your feet warm. Keeping your feet warm will keep you from getting colds and flu. So it is wise to get some for the whole family.
  3. If you are shopping for gifts a new robe would be perfect for mothers. So if you are having a hard time looking for a gift for your mother. Buy a nice wool robe.
  4. As for makeup go with silver or gold eye shadows. Also pick out a new red shade lipstick. Revlon is a great brand for finding red lipsicks.
  5. Also, any perfumes are good. Elizabeth Taylor is a great scent. So if you want a light scent and not too strong go with Elizabeth Taylor.
  6. Also, a nice pedicure and manicure is great, see if they give any holiday coupons.
  7. As we approach Christmas and New Year’s set an appointment for a teeth cleaning. Make sure your teeth are white in all your pictures.
  8. If you are looking for evening gowns and dresses http://jessicalondon.com is my place to go. They are having the best sales going on right now.
  9. Get a new pair of gloves so your hands feel warm.
  10. Smile, that is your best style impression to give people. So if you see people out while walking. If they look at you smile it could make their day just by your smile.

Well, I hope you liked this years style guide. Hope you liked it. 🙂