Hello Everyone! It is now Fall and the next style guide for the year 2022! When this time of year hits it is a transition between summer to Fall/Winter season. And as I observed this year is more earthy tones. I have seen many shades of green, blue, and brown being used. Also, all the stores are decorated for Halloween already. And, coffee shops are serving pumpkin spice latte’s and caramel frappechino’s. So as we approach this season with we are transitioning to a new style. Let’s Begin!

  1. This years color that I see most this year is Olive Green. Also, some blues and browns. It seems more earthy tones are going to be big this year. Also, more solid colors are being used instead of bold patterns.
  2. I also, see more boot sales this time of year. So indulge in a new pair of boots. Also, polish the boots you already own. And take them to a cobbler, to repair the soles in your boots. They can make them like new again.
  3. Scarves and gloves are going to be coming out soon. These are style accessory embelishments that complete an outfit.
  4. A black trench coat would be a great style to look for. Try places like Bulrington Coat Factory. Or, http://jessicalondon.com. Jessica London is having a huge sale going on right now. So I’m sure you will find something stylish and chic.
  5. As for your makeup, fall colors like gold, browns, tans, and pinks are going to be this years color pallette for eyeshadows and lipsticks.
  6. Gold jewelry will be in this year as well. Or, maybe a nice new watch could give you style enhancements this year.
  7. http://sheertex.com. Is a store that sells the best durable tights and pantyhose at all time. I really am a satisfied customer. And can’t wait for their new styles for this year.
  8. A new black purse can also be added as a neccessary style enchancement. So, it may be time to clean your old purse and get a newer style for this season.
  9. Also, if you are going to be shopping for new clothes. Get rid of your old, worn out, and outgrown clothes. You can donate them at a shelter and make room for the new.

Hope you enjoyed this years style guide of Fall 2022!