Hello everyone! I am back with another discussion to my summer reading list. It has been an enjoyable journey to far away places, getting to know Jesus, adventure, and excitement. Here it is.

The Gospels: From Alabastor: is about Jesus’ life in the Bible. It has the chapters Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each chapter had various testimony of Jesus. All four repeat the story of Jesus’ birth, his life teaching the ways of heaven, death on the cross, and resurrection. He healed the sick, fed the Isrealites, rose Lazarus from the dead, and suffered a cruel betrayal in death. But it Also, spoke of his resurrection and leaving his legacy for the gospel to be taught.

I found this book rich with pictures, and was well written. It definatly did not disappoint. It brings you closer to Jesus.

Beatrix Potter: In the Peter Rabbit series: All in one book it speaks about her lovely characters in stories. Of course we have Peter Rabbit and his friends. It was illustrated beautifully. All the characters were cute. And each had a story that taught a lesson. The mice, toads, rabbits, and more were come to life by acting like humans. Each story has a theme plot, and lovely endings. Mostly on farms and forests. It is a collectors edition and really is a treasure for your library. And this book can be read to children.

This book left a good inprint in my mind. Glad I read it.

The Millie Maven 3 book series:

Book 1 (The Red Medallion): Is about a girl named Millie Maven. Who is adopted by a cruel aunt. Her aunt was the only mother she knew, as she thought her real mother was dead. On her 12th Birthday. Her aunt cruelly mistreated her. She was like a Cinderella but worse. So on the night of her 12th Birthday. She is invited secretly by a lady named Nancy. She convinces her her life will change if she goes to FIGS. (a school for the chosen children). When she was there they have to complete 3 quests. And the survivors get medallions. She makes friends with Macenze (Mac for short). And a boy named Boomer. There were other children there. But they were not nice. Although everyone’s memory of who they were gone. They can’t remember where they came from. They just have to complete the challenges. So each challenge was hard, but the one’s that completed the tasks were given medallions. That represented different abilities. Millie completes all three challenges. But wins the most valued medallion in her 3rd quest.

Book 2 (The Golden Vile): The story continues and Millie and all of the students at FIGS had to complete another challenge. This one was a little gross. But in the quests the children eat slime from slugs. Except Millie did not eat the slug. But instead goes home and faces her Aunt that discovered she was gone. When she goes home. She is slapped by her aunt. And locked in the basement without food. Only to find she escapes again and goes back to FIGS. She finds the Golden Vile which was part of the quest. But all the students turned mean. But the challenge was complete. And eventually the students were back at the campus.

Book 3 (The White Sword): The story then concludes that she must kidnap her aunt show her where Millie has been. She has Mac and Nancy come home with her. And then they kidnapped her aunt and took her to FIGS. Only to find it has been destroyed. But Millie faces the villian and defeats him. She also meets the Great Teacher and he shows her divine love. And that love defeats evil.

All three books were entertaining. The ending was an unexpected twist. But you would have to read it to find out what really happens to Millie’s real mother.

The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need:

This book is a guide into astrology. You come to understand your sun, moon, and rising signs. You can either read this book as your own horoscope. Or you can read it straight through. But it is a useful manual of astrology. It teaches you how to read a birth chart. Find out which signs are compatible. And gives insight of all the signs in American astology.

I really loved all the books for my Summer reading list. Each one was an adventure. Hope you enjoyed it! Until next time! 🙂