Hello everyone! I am back with another health article. Today’s topic is about walking and how it can improve your overall health. Walking is the best way to get into shape and can give your heart health a positive achievement. Let’s begin!

  1. To start off I have been incorporating walking in my daily activities. I have joined the online community HealthyWage.com. Where you can win money if you complete the challenge. It’s fun and it’s mostly walking everyday. An average daily step count is 10,000 steps. Download the Google Fit app on your phone. And it calculates your steps daily.
  2. Your heart health will improve significantly. It will lower the cholestoral in your heart. I can feel a lot healthier doing a daily walking program.
  3. Walking can also help total body. If the weather is rainy or too hot. You can do a walking video on youtube for free indoors. You can learn different walking techniques using total body movements with each step.
  4. Also, by walking. I noticed weightloss, but also gaining muscle in certain areas that used to be weak. My Kegels have strengthened. Which is a positive reinforcement to keep doing it.
  5. It’s good to get fresh air and be active. It helps your resporatory system and be able to breathe better.
  6. It’s always good to set goals of what you want to achieve in all fitness programs. And walking is the number 1 exercise doctors recommend.
  7. It’s also a good thing to join a community where everyone is involved and being team members. It makes it more enjoyable being active with friends. They can help you push yourself in a positive way. So encourage your friends to join any community you follow. It will add more enfourcement.

I hope I encouraged you to add walking in your everyday activities. It will make a positive impact on your overall health. hope you enjoyed it!