Hello! It has been awhile since I posted a beauty article. And today’s topic in Beauty. Is How to take care of your skin while traveling. In my experiences my skin changes in the different environment climates across the world. I come from Arizona, so my skin is very oily. Since it is extremely hot during half of the year. When I travel to the East Coast in New Jersey and New York. I get zits from the weather humidity. So this question is important in how to treat your skin while traveling. Read On!

  1. Always use Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser. This has been my favorite skin care product that I trust. I know it will treat any blemishes I develop on my vacations. Also, the water on the East Coast is softer than the water in Arizona. So it is soothing to skin while taking showers. So taking showers everyday can help your skin feeling refreshed.
  2. When to moisturize? This is a common beauty item. The best time to moisturize is at night. After you wash your face. Use a moisturizer before going to bed.
  3. Should you wear foundation on your skin while traveling? I prefer powder and foundation in one. So it’s not too many layers of makeup. Also, mix a little moisturizer with your foundation makes a glowing look to your skin.
  4. Using sunscreen is a must especially in summer months. Everyone should use at least 40 SPF. daily. Regardless of the weather. I found that spray on sunscreens are better than greasy lotions. It’s less greasy and still protects from the sun.
  5. Also, Sunhats are a great way to protect your scalp from the sun. As you know from my previous articles using sunhats can also, prevent dandruff and flakes. Also, using a shampoo that has SPF in it adds extra protection from the sun and can help your scalp health.
  6. If you travel in the summer months. It is best to use light weighted makeup products. Like, powder and foundation in one. And the top layer use sunscreen.
  7. If you travel in the winter months. Using moisturizer can keep your skin moisturized. You can also, apply this in the morning. And use night creme in the evenings. Before bedtime.
  8. Getting enough sleep is also important. As you sleep the skin cells refresh. Making your skin softer and rejuvenated.
  9. Wearing sunglasses protect your eyes and eye area. This prevents aging and dark circles under your eyes. So, it is wise to get an eye exam and buy a new pair of sunglasses.

Well, I hope I provided some Beauty advice while traveling. It is best to always have a beauty regimen at all times. Hope you enjoyed it!