Today’s topic is about being a true friend. But when two or more friends are fighting over gossip. It is important to not choose sides. If you catch your friends fighting remove your self from the argument. You do not want to end the relationship between two friends fighting. In this article. I want to discuss gossip and having experienced gossip over some friends. Here are ways to detach yourself from the situation.

  1. Do not get involved in the gossip that is being said about them.
  2. Pray for them, and detach yourself from getting into the middle of the argument.
  3. Kindly ask them for you not to choose sides. Remain neutral and do not feed into the gossip.
  4. I view gossip is the Satan’s way of dividing friends.
  5. Do not cut off your friends over gossip.
  6. Gossip is a lie and you should not feed into this sinful nature.
  7. If feelings are hurt offer a hug. And pray with them.
  8. Please ask them to not fight around you. As you have no part in the argument and to work it out through Jesus’ our redeemer.

Well I hope I gave meaningful advice over this issue. But this sometimes happens and it saddens me. Do Not Let the Devil Win the Argument.