Hello Everyone! I am back with another style guide for this summer this year. As the temperatures warm up and more fun at the poolside. We all love to shop for swimsuits. BBQ’s and summer holidays has us gathering for yummy food and socializing. So let’s get started with this years summer style guide 2022!

  1. http://swimsuitsforall.com. Is a site that provides all kinds of options. For all sizes. They provide many different styles in swim appearal. From bikinis to full suits. They make them figure flattering. And you get to shop conveniently online.
  2. Some women prefer going to the store instead of online shopping. Some women like to try them on first before they pay. And that is their preference. Some stores that provide good selections in swimsuits are JCPenney, Mervins, Kohls, and TJ Maxx.
  3. Sunhats are also a style staple. It is best to protect your scalp from the sun. Also, you should switch your shampoo that has SPF in it.
  4. Sunglasses are also important. They protect your eyes. And reduces aging around your eye area.
  5. Sundresses are also very style chic. A nice flower print is classy. Also, they are lighter in fabric, making it a cooler option for hot weather.
  6. A new pair of sandals are good to shop for at this time of year.
  7. Also, get a manicure and pedicure. To keep your hands and feet in tip top shape for summer. Make sure your feet are nice and smooth.
  8. A nice hair cut and style will always be a good. You should always get trims every 6-8 weeks. And get your hair off your neck.

Well, I hope I helped you in this years summer style. Hope you liked it. <3 🙂