Hello Everyone! I am back with an article on spirituality. That by practicing spiritual practices can help you grow and be healthy. Spirituality goes along with whatever religion you are. Whatever your beliefs are spiritual practices makes us stronger in our soul. Here are ways to be more in tune with your spirituality.

  1. Reading the Bible everyday. Whenever I read the Bible I get a sense that God is smiling when I pick up the Bible and read. I feel his vibrations and grow just by reading a little scripture everyday. This keeps me close to Jesus. And I feel a sense of grace and faithful thinking.
  2. Praying- Praying for others as well as yourself helps your relationships be stronger. When we pray for our friends. Also, for our enemies we are doing something Jesus tells us to do. Also, the more we pray for things we are creating a bond between Jesus and ourselves.
  3. Going on Hiking Retreats- Taking the time to go out in nature is important. To connect with nature we are connecting our vibrations to the Earth. Being in nature brings us peace of mind and can really help our health by tapping into our environment.
  4. If you practice Wicca, you love nature even more. Witches are very much in tune with environment issues. They actually like to help in Earthy practices that help the environment. Like, Aromatherapy, meditation, picking up litter, cleaning our oceans, and rescuing animals. Witches also, love animals very much. Most like to help animals in times of stress.
  5. Divination tools- Tarot cards have also changed a lot over the years. They really have evolved in the new age era. Some are spiritually based and can tell beautiful stories about ourselves. Tarot cards are a fun way to describe solutions to our questions. And gain insight into our spirituality.
  6. Astrology can be a fun way to celebrate birthday’s. Every sign is unique in its own way. It tells us about the stars in your chart the day you were born. It also, gives insight into what our strengths and weaknesses are. Although, they say it is only for entertainment purposes. Astrology just tells a story about how our signs develop and grow.
  7. Yoga can be a great way to incorporate meditation. Yoga is a Hindu practice that helps all Chakra points of the body. There are 12 Chakra points in everybody. Being mindful of our breathing and stretching can improve our health in many beneficial ways. It can also help lose weight.
  8. Essential Oils and Aromatherapy- This is a tool to create peaceful interactions with others. Also, Aromatherapy can cleanse peoples homes, clearing out negativity, and purify the air in our homes. Some aromas can promote sleep, and help with sleep disorders. It makes us calm and peaceful.
  9. Singing Hymns- Singing hymns in many religions makes our soul feel in tune with our soul. When we sing to others and to the angels we send vibrations into the environment. It makes us feel blessed and can bond with fellow friends. When we sing in a choir we are singing praises to the Lord. Praising him and being faithful.
  10. Growing Spiritually is good for you and can attract positivity in your life. It will bring many people together and practice fellowship. And bond with one another. These spiritual tools discussed can help our spirit grow. And make us feel healthier, and be mindful.

Well I hope you liked this topic. As spiritual growth is needed and to discuss spirituality brings hope for better relationships. Take Care!