1. When I Saw You. By Laura Branchflower:

This book was full of scandalist events. It starts with a woman named Leah. She has a daughter named Laura. She lives in an apartment. Her husband left her for another woman. So she is busy looking for work. When the business Zertech hires her. She finds out that they are a hooker business. She goes to a lawyer named Julius. He fell in love with her at first sight. Although since she has a daughter she swore off men for good. But when he comes around and continuously pursuing her. They become the most envied couple. As Julius is the richest eligable bachelor. But then the story twists. And her ex-husband wants full custody of Laura. So She fights it with Julius. Later the story gets juicy. There were high levels of sex and intimacy. (Do not read this one to your kids). The book was good. The ending was not disappointing.

2. The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. By: Karen A. Anderson.

This book is a metaphysical book. It has multiple stories of pets dying and if there is an afterlife when pets die. Karen is a medium and channels peoples dead pets. And gives them affirming information about their beloved pets. If you have ever wondered about pets going to heaven when they die. This book brings comfort. You might cry. But the ending of the stories are inspiring.

3. Chicken Soup for the Soul. Messages From Heaven.

This book is filled with true stories of loved ones who have died and passed on. It is a book of spirituality. It affirms that death is not an end but a beginning. People have reported endless stories of coming into contact with loved ones. It was insightful and brought many of my thoughts about death and answers them in short stories. It leaves you feeling hopeful about the ones who have passed on. And that it is not an ending.

4. The Complete Guide to Chakras.

This book is also a metaphysical book on healing different parts of the body. Here it illustrates all 12 Chakras in an easy guide and practice about Reiki and meditation. By being aware of the chakra points of the body you can heal many illnesses and issues you may be currently facing. If you are interested in yoga, and meditation practices this book will not disappoint.

5. Living at 40! By: L.B.

This book was full of high sexuality. This is not a childrens book. It made me uncomfortable at times. It is about a group of friends. And they go to a retreat at a lake house. They are all in their 40’s. Which Autumn the main character wants to have a baby. But not get married. With no attachment or father. She just wants a baby at 40. So her brothers’ best friend Lucas steps up. And they hook up. They have a past history and now are becoming more. It unravels as a love story among friends. It is not my favorite book. But it was just ok when I read it.

6. The Dream Interpretation Dictionary.

This book is a dictionary of all dream interpretations. From A-Z it discusses what each symbol and meanings are that you dream about. Like, flying is a sense of freedom. Or a basement of a house could mean something about your feet. It is an informative book filled with insightful descriptions of interpretating dreams.

7. Questions for Couples & The Couples Activity Book Journals.

These books only work if you are in a relationship or have a spouse. They are journals for couples who wish to strengthen their bond with eachother. Again, it will only make sense if you have a spouse. It can’t be done if your single. And also, the other person has to participate.

I hope I gave meaningful descriptions of my bookclub recommnedations for the year 2022. I have read these books intuitively. And got some inspiring messages with each one. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂