Hello Everyone! I am back with another style guide for Spring. This year is starting to get warmer where I live. I see myself wearing short sleeved shirts, and dresses. What I see that is new this year is more options for plus sized women. Some women do not like the term plus size. So let’s just call it curvy girls. Also more age appropriate clothing for women in their 30’s and up! So let’s begin!

  1. Jessica London at: http://jessicalondon.com is my ultimate clothing store. Not just clothes but I find their boots fit me everytime I shop there. So if you want to get a good sale on boots. Shop for them in Spring. Since they are getting ready for Spring and Summer. Their boots will be on sale during this time. You can get a real bargain on boots this time of year.
  2. I see a lot of floral prints out their. In bright yellows and oranges. A nice floral sundress is always a good style to have in your wardrobe. Wear it with a sunhat and you will be ready for fun in the sun.
  3. Sunhats are also a good way to protect your scalp from sun damage. Just like your face. You need to use sunscreen in your shampoo’s and wear a hat.
  4. Capri pants are also going to be a staple in this years style trends. They make them with a lighter weight denim fabric. They look cute and look good on girls ages 30 and up.
  5. Sunglasses are also in. They protect your eye’s from the sun, minimizes aging around the eye area, and stylish. Somtimes you can get a pair of subscription sunglasses. So get an eye exam and get a pair of new sunglasses.
  6. Swimsuits will be coming out soon too. As it is approaching warmer weather and people spending more time at the beach or poolside. http://swimsuitsforall.com. Is an online store that carries the best swimsuits for curvy girls. And also, all body types. It’s like having a professional sylist in swimsuits.
  7. http://sheertex.com. Is an online store that carries the best tights and pantyhose. They just put out new spring colors and designs. With lighter weighted fabric for the spring and summer. This is a store that I love. I am so happy with all my purchases from there. They fit perfectly everytime. I am a very happy customer.
  8. Also, get a new purse. I always change my purses everytime the season changes. Clean out your purses. And get one in a neutral color.
  9. As for your makeup I would go more natural with my makeup. Think Easter colors like pink, coral, caramel, tan, and peach.
  10. Smile! Make sure your teeth are in tip top shape. It is good hygiene, and looks good in pictures.

Well I hope I guided you all well. Take Care! And happy shopping! 🙂