Hello, everyone! I am back with another style guide for this years fashion trends. December 1st is here and we are entering winter. As the temperatures drop we are bundling up in warmer outfits. Long sleeves, thicker pants, and boots. For winter season trends I see more people are looking into comfort warm and toasty. So let’s begin!

  1. Dark colors are in this season like dark denim. A dark blue, black, or navy blue is coming out in all sorts of styles in pants and skirts.
  2. Faux fur coats are also in. People are looking into animal friendly fashion. More people are aware of this and will buy more clothes in faux.
  3. Tights and panty hose is also coming into fashion. http://sheertex.com. Is a company that sells the best tights. They are the strongest tights. That wont run or rip. I am a happy costumer and will definately buy more in the future. I am very pleased with this company. It gives an outfit a classy look, keeps you warm, and makes an outfit classy and put together.
  4. Sweater dresses are also in they are really classy and are a staple in this years fashion trends. Pair with boots and you’re dressed to impress.
  5. Scarves are also a trend that accessorizes your outfits. Learn different ways to tie your scarves and this will make your outfit standout and get compliments.
  6. Gloves are also in. I own many pairs of crochet gloves. They keep your hands warm and toasty.
  7. Glittery makeup is also in this season. Like gold or silver eye shadow and red lipstick is a staple in this years makeup palettes.
  8. Also, get a manicure and pedicure this month. A nice red color is great for the holiday’s. You will feel better having your hands and feet in tip top shape.
  9. Also, get your hair trimmed and styled. It will make your holiday pictures well put together.
  10. Smile! Make sure that you smile and laugh at your holiday celebrations. And that will bring you many good times and memories.

Hope I guided you all in this years fashion style for 2021! Let me know! 🙂