Hello Everyone! I’m back and I have another style guide for this years Fall collection. This year is an amazing year for me. But I am excited that Fall is here. I see our temperatures are starting to cool down at night. Also, it’s been raining on some nights. So the night time has been enjoyable for me. This years color scheme is golden colors. I see a lot of tans and browns. So let’s get into this syle guide of 2021!

  1. Golden colors are in this year. So a nice gold blouse is a very admirable to wear.

2. Also, having white teeth is a good thing to have. Make sure you go to the dentist to a teeth cleaning. You want your teeth to look white in all your pictures.

3. It’s time to re-arrange your wardrobe. From summer to Fall/Winter. So a little Fall cleaning and re-organization would be good. It feels better when everything is cleaned.

4. Hoodies with your favorite bands are always in. They keep you warm at night. When the air is chilly at night. Support your local favorite band and get their merch.

5. Having t-shirts with animals on them is in. So elephants, giraffs, monkeys, cats and dogs. Are fun and make a good impression. I get compliments about them all the time. It’s a good conversational starter. They usually say that’s a cute shirt.

6. Scarves are going to start coming out. They add a little accessory to your outfits.

7. Jeans are good this time a year. So buy a couple pair. In black, blue, or tan.

8. It’s going to be boots season too. So get out your boots and polish them. Also, if you have any worn out boots. Take them to a cobbler and they will fix the soles. They can make your favorite boots like new again.

9. As for your makeup colors like tan, caramel, and pink. Also, you can do good with a rose red colour for lipstick.

10. Remeber to smile! It’s your best makeup you can wear.

I hope I guided you all well. I really tried to make it different than previous style guides. Hope you enjoyed it. Take Care! <3