Hello everyone! I know it has been a really long time since I posted lately. But I am finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in December this year. So I am preoccupied for time. But I promised you all to continue my blog. Today’s post is about ambition. If you are under 30 this may not be the article for you. We hit that age or milestone where we ask ourselves. Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Am I on the right path? Will your younger self be happy with your life now than it was then? Let’s talk about our dreams. Have you learned everything there is to know about career, love, money, and abundance? How can I re-live my past goals? Also, have we conquered our fears of failure? Let’s begin with trying something new to our discussion.

  1. You are Never too old to learn a new music instrument. I used to take piano lessons when I was a child. But I haven’t played much in my adult years. I want to re-live my passion for music. Learn to play piano again. If people say you are too old to land a contract, or be famous. Inform them you are not learning it for fame. You are learning it for self fulfillment.
  2. You are Never too old to Dance! I also, have a dancing background and have learned tap, ballet, and clogging. Once, I had a dream that I was dancing on stage and remembered the techniques of rythmic dancing steps and coreography. I also loved the music and danced with dedication and courage. I danced on stage and performed for an audience in my schools’, malls, and parks. Dancing is great exercise and gives an energetic vibration in your core. I also, had women in their 80’s dancing on my team. It was a great experience witnessing this.

3. You are Never too old to go back to school. I have continued my education. Deciding to go back to school raised my stamina, and ambitions in my education and career. I am nearly finished in completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. I am completing this milestone with courage. I faced my fears of math and glad I passed all my classes. I only have 9 credits to go. I will graduate in December. So, if you think it is too late for your dream career. If you had children and have not completed your schooling. It is never too late to continue your education. When you hit 40 you will grow up with the realization of being independent. When you learn something new it sharpens your mind.

4. You are Never too old to Date. Whatever your status is, know that it is not to late to put yourself out there. Weither your single, widowed, divorced, or married. Know that when we haven’t gone on a date in weeks or months or even years. It makes us a doormat. If you do not have a ring on that finger. It is more important to put yourself out there. You don’t have to sleep with them. Just go for a date or outing at a restaurant. This raises your vibration, you become less desperate, and can have fun.

5. You are Never too old to ride a bike. When was the last time you rode a bike. Having a bike ride can bring back stamina. Also, this applies to rollerskating, and rollerblading. This type of exercise can make you feel youthful. Go to a park and do these activities. It would make a big difference in your life.

Don’t let age be a Debbie Downer. Thank God that you made it this far! Age is just a number. It does not determine your values, morals, or personality. Enjoy! 🙂