Hello Everyone! I’m back with another article. It is all about having FUN! I have been very busy with work and school. But I promised you all that I will keep on writing like you all want. Today’s article is about taking the time to have fun. I get it you work hard for your money. Also, if you are in school it takes a motivation to get through the course. Adulting sucks sometimes. Where we wish we were a kid again. So let’s play!

  1. One place where we can have fun is going to the park. Have a picnic, walk, play games, and eat BBQ! Maybe even roll down a hill, or play on the swings. I know a lot of adults would look at you weird. But who cares. Let’s all be kids again.
  2. Play a sport like basketball, volleyball, softball, or soccer. It is good exercise and fun.
  3. Roller skating can be fun. Maybe go to a roller skating rink with your friends. This will be a fun activity.
  4. Go Bowling- I happen to be a great Bowler. So have teams and play.
  5. Flying a kite- Like Marry Poppins would sing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”!
  6. Swimming – is good exercise and is fun to cool off from the heat. Don’t forget to wear sunblock.
  7. Peter Piper Pizza- is great fun to play arcade games. Also you can celebrate Birthdays there. It is fun and friends can enjoy each other. Also, great family fun!
  8. Go to a movie- It has been a very long time since I have gone to a movie. It would be great to see a movie.
  9. Eating ice cream!
  10. Listening to funny music videos. And sing along to them.

I hope I gave you meaningful ways to have fun! It is my Birthday on April 24th, I will be turning 40! SO let the party begin! 🙂