Hello Everyone! I am back with another Style guide for this new Spring season. I see a lot of flowing fabrics in blouses and trousers. I see a lot of flowery patterns and bold colors this year. But let’s get into this style guide. It will be exciting. Because in my state the governor announced that all businesses are going to open soon since the Pandemic. So, our favorite hangouts and dining places will be open. So that means more outings and gatherings of friends, family, and more dates. So let’s begin!

  1. The first thing I saw this year is a lot of bold colors like bright reds, orange, yellow, and some blues. I see a lot of floral in fabrics and loose-flowing fabrics. Sunflowers, lilies, daisies, roses, daffodils, and violets will be found on many dresses. A nice sundress is always classy and very chic.
  2. Flowing trouser pants are also in this year. In camel colors, and solid lightweight fabric. The theme this year is beach side apparel. Perfect for a date with your boyfriend at a local diner at the seaside.
  3. Sunhats are back, and a way to keep your scalp protected from the sun. It is a classy look and is fun.
  4. We still will be required to wear face masks. So get a solid color that fits your face. It has to cover your nose, mouth, and up to your ears. Cloth masks help you breathe better. So if you can’t breathe with the medical ones. Switch to cloth masks. So you can breathe better.
  5. Shorts are in this year. Or, even Capri’s are in as well. Some of us older gals can’t wear short shorts. And wear Capri’s for a more flattering age-appropriate look.
  6. A new swimsuit for the new year is also a must. A great store to find figure-flattering suits is http://swimsuitsforall.com you can find suits for all sizes, made for curvy, skinny, tall, petite, or average body types.
  7. A new purse for spring will be a must. I always change my purse every time the season changes. So pick a nice neutral color purse. It’s very trendy to sport a new purse. And great for conversation starters. It is always good to hear. “I like your purse” from a total stranger.
  8. Soft makeup for your eyes is in. Colors like pink, tan, or natural colors are this year’s trend.
  9. Also, if you are going to wear sandals then you should get pedicures more often. Make sure heels are smooth, and toenails are groomed, it is good hygiene.
  10. A new pair of sunglasses is an added feature. It keeps your eyes protected from the sun. And helps with dark circles, and aging around the eye area.

Well, I hope I advised you well. Hope this put a smile on your face. It will be fun to be able to see friends again since the Pandemic. Enjoy! 🙂