Music would not be where it is right now if it weren’t for black female artists. Throughout history, black women set the stage with their voices. They brought soul and spirit in what they sang or performed. We will explore these women who inspire and are respected in our music history.

Whitney Houston- Was a soul of powerful rhythm. Her voice was iconic. She sang her songs with passion. She sang songs like “I Will Always Love You,” “So Emotional,” and many others. She will always be one of the most beautiful voices in history. “She has 2 Emmy wins, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards, 29 NAACP Image Awards, 12 Soul Train Awards, and 6 Grammys.” (Porter, 2016)

Diana Ross- She rose to fame as the lead singer of the vocal group The Supremes. She sang the song “I Will Survive.” She always was stunning in her performances. Her talent was her skill to change her clothes on stage and appear in different outfits during her performances. I remember her performing at the super bowl. She was very quick in her wardrobe changes, and it was classy. But also, her voice is iconic and was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Supremes. In the 1990s, Guinness Book of World Records Ross has recognized her success in the United States and the United Kingdom for having more hits than any female artist on the charts.

The Supremes- This is one of America’s first girl-bands. The Supremes were soulful and were considered very classy. They sang the blues, jazz, and a little pop. But they made a staple for girl-bands. Each of these women had their own voice and was strong. They are well known in black history.

Janet Jackson- The name Jackson is very royal in our American history. The whole Jackson family is talented. But Janet was known as Michael Jackson’s little sister. But she had talent and great music videos. She was very mature for her age. But was dignified and started many choreography traditions with her dances. Many artists follow her dance moves when they create their videos. She sang and danced in the song “Rythem Nation.”

Aretha Franklin- Was a well-known singer. She used so much power in what she sang. She was an icon and created more opportunities in the music industry than others. She was soulful and was vibrant. “She won 12 Grammys and would go on to win 2 more at the 29th Annual Grammy Awards. In total, The Queen of Soul has taken home 18 Grammys.”(Porter, 2016).

Toni Braxton- Known for her song “Unbreak my Heart.” Hit Billboard Top Charts for 11 months. I even sang to this song when it came out. It had me in tears. It really was a beautiful song.

Beyonce- Known for her group Destiny’s Child and also quite a few solo albums. Has won 20 Grammy’s, including two with Destiny’s Child. In 2013 she made music history by making her the most Grammy Award-nominated female artist of all time.

There are many other black artists out there. Many paved the way for artists in the 90s and up. Without these strong women in our American history. Our country would never have been developed or admired. These women are in American culture and we are proud of them that they made our country to what it is today for the newer generations. These women earned their respect and admiration.

Conclusion: Our talent industry would not be where it is today. If it weren’t for female artists. These women walked through many doors to get to where they are today. They shape American culture and make us proud of our country.