Hello I am back! I have read all of my books for this new year’s book club. And this is the discussion for the recommended books. I know it is early. But I finished earlier than expected. I loved all of these books. So Let’s Begin!

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  1. The Winter Witch By Katherine Arden

This book was sad because after a brutal beating from the crowd at Moscow, and the burning of Vasya Petrovich. Her horse Solovey, dies. Vasya escapes from the fire. And tricked the priest that she was burned. She was rescued by the Winter King, Morozko. But throughout the book Vasya mourned Solovey. As she healed in the woods. People believed she was dead. Accept her brother and sister knew she had tricked everyone. And that they knew she was alive. She slowly recovered. And became lover of the Winter King. Morozko was under a spell that made him forget about Vasya. But she broke the spell. And he regained memory. They fall in love. She then goes back to Moscow to be with her brother and sister.

Vasya still talks to spirits of the woods, and people call her a witch. But they all welcome her back. As they were glad that she lived. Even the Grand Prince of Moscow was glad she was still alive. And she got a new horse. This horse was different from Solovey. But still carried out her missions.

The story ends in a bloody death battle of the two kingdoms. Shasha dies, but there is a surprise at the end. But I do not want to spoil the ending. You have to read what happens. But you will be happy to know Solovey is well. But read it or yourelf.

The Ickabog By: J.K. Rowling

There was a kingdom called Cornucopia. It was a very rich kingdom with the finest foods and meats. The kingdom was happy, and King Fred was a good king. But the story is about the Ickabog legend. Most people thought it was only a fairy tale. But one day a man said that the Ickabog is real and the king and his men laughed at this man. They eventually go for a outing in the woods and sure enough they saw the Ickabog. But the Ickabog runs away and one of the kings men was shot. They staged the scene and said the Ickabog killed him. His family was left for themselves. But the Kings new apprentice made a tax on the kingdom. That tried to go along with the Ickabog tax. It was to warn the town of the Ickabog and anyone who disagreed was committed to treason. They were arrested. The children were sent to orphanages because the people were poor and could not feed their own children.

But one brave girl and her friends escape the orphanage and go into the woods where they found the Ickabog. But found out she didn’t eat humans. She didn’t want to kill people and they saved the Ickabog, and her unborn children. They go into the town with signs and protested that the Ickabog is friendly. It was the new Apprentice that was evil. And the king was unaware of how much gold the apprentice stole from the people. They managed to kill the apprentice, and the kingdom was again rich. King Fred also changed. He saw the Ickabog was friendly and the kingdom was happy again.

Red Thong Strong By Charlotte Hill, Linda Stoker, Debbi Comparin, Becky Elder, Terri Jutras, Bev Mann, Shelley Tyler, Debbie Williams.

This book is about a group of women that are friends and they share their stories and advice for all women to share. It has you laugh and you begin forming a friendship with these women. It is about smoothing out life’s pantie lines. They go on adventures and go to the most beautiful places and form a bond of sisterhood. It has you feel like you are among these women and belong there. They share their beauty advice. I really enjoyed this story. It’s about sisterhood and is a must-read.

I hope I got you excited about reading these books. As they were a great adventure.