Ninja 2


As night-time falls over the city. She runs to escape from the evil demon that terrorizes the city streets. She’s quick, but the demon still keeps up. She is forced to fight it. So she pulls out her dagger from her belt and turns around. The demon ganging up on her. She’s trapped in the alley. So she faces the demon and is ready to fight. She must defeat this demon.

She slashes her dagger. But the demon is quick it also has a sword. So she flips through the air and lands behind the demon. She stabs him with her dagger right through it’s back. The demon screams and drops to the ground and dies instantly.

This is her life she was trained by real samurai ninja’s. She was taught at the age of five. Theresa Thorne, is a real ninja. She fights evil and lives in the city. By day she is a secretary at a law firm but at night she is the ninja of night.

She returns to her studio apartment and takes a shower. To wipe the demon blood from her clothes. She has six hours left to sleep tonight. Then she goes to work in the morning at the law firm.

As she climbs into her bed and instantly falls asleep as her head laid against the pillow.

Chapter 1:

It is January 3rd, 2019.

The city is cold, and damp. No snow, just lots of rain. Theresa wakes at the sound of her alarm. She slowly gets up wanting to go back to sleep. But she had an important day at work. Her boss is in court today, she has to organize files, and present them to the courtroom. It was a murder crime investigation. And the accused pleaded not-guilty. She was found in the same room of the victim. Where the crime was but she said she did not kill the man. He was already dead when she found him dead. But the police saw no one around and arrested her. She is in custody until further investigation was being held.

Theresa dressed in a suit with a blazer, and black pants. She tied her hair up in a French twist. She had breakfast some eggs and toast with orange juice. Her phone was ringing. So she answered it. It was her boss. “Where are you?” Yelled her boss.  “I’m out the door heading to the office.” She replied.  “You better be here in ten minutes. We go into court, in twenty minutes!” Her boss hung up.

Theresa runs out the door and calls for a taxi. She gets in and tells the driver the address. The taxi was fast there was no traffic at this time. She arrived promptly and paid the driver. She ran inside the law firm building and takes the elevator to her office. And timed in. Her boss came out. And said. “We have some evidence. Whoever the killer was left a silk scarf.” “The police are still convinced that the girl was guilty. And asked if it was her scarf. The girl said no!”

“What is the girl’s name?” Theresa asked.  “Veronica Hemsworth.”  “She’s very attractive. If she did do it I feel it was self-defense and that she was attacked by the man. If she didn’t do it. The real criminal probably wanted to help.”  “But she said he was already dead when she found him.” Said Theresa.

“We better get to the courtroom!” Greg Sherwood, Theresa’s boss exclaimed. They both reached the courthouse. Which was in the next office building. They both walked in first Greg, and Theresa behind him as they sit. The suspect was escorted into the courtroom. With police officers following behind. They all rise for the judge to enter  and as he stood and banged his gravel. He said. “Meeting will resume now. Let’s proceed.”

First the report was stated by the police officer. “We are investigating the murder of Russel Kemp.” “He was shot in the chest. The suspect in question is Veronica Hemsworth.”

Greg immediately approached the bench. And asked the judge to proceed with the questioning. “You May.” Replied the judge.

“Veronica do you have any previous dealings with the victim?” “I’ve seen him. But we never talked. I have seen him in the bar I go to.” She replied.  “How is it that you were in the same room as the victim where he was found dead?”  “I heard a noise. Like, there was something breaking. And heard a gun shot.” “Did you see anyone leave the room?” Asked Greg. “No, but the window was open. They left the room by the window.”

When the police arrived to the scene. They found a silk scarf with blood on it. “Veronica, is the scarf yours?” “No! I don’t wear scarves.” She replied.

(Theresa is typing this all on a small lap top. And is recording this session on tape recorder.)

“What was broken, when you entered the room?” Asked Greg. “Something made of glass. I don’t know.” “I have no further questions your honor.” “You may take your bench. Now let’s hear from the accuser.”

“Since the victim can’t speak for himself. I don’t believe your innocent.” Russel’s mother will take the bench now.” Said the other lawyer. “My son was attacked. And I do not believe this woman!”  “She is not as innocent as she looks!” “Why do you make this claim? Do you know her from anywhere?” Asked the lawyer.  “She is a stripper!”

“Correction! I am a dancer. Not a stripper!” Veronica snapped back.” “I’ve seen your act before! You wear those skimpy outfits. And they pay you!”  The courtroom was chatting, and sitting on the edge of their seats. “Order!” The judge hit his gravel. The judge said. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. We will have a sentence in the morning. We will meet for the final verdict of who is guilty and what the sentence will be.” “We will investigate further for more clues. But the final judgment will proceed.” And the judge hit his gravel. And said. “Courtroom dismissed.”

Theresa was on lunch break. Her phone rings. “Hello!” Theresa answered. “So how did the big case go?” “Mom! I told you. I can’t discuss anything from the case to the public.” “I’m not the public. I’m your mother!” “Can you at least tell me you wore your hair up?” “Yes mom!” “Good sweetheart!” “Anyway, I’m eating lunch. I’ll talk with you as soon as I get home.” They both hung up.

Theresa was eating some homemade egg rolls and soy sauce with some water. She is supposed to be back at the office in twenty minutes.

When Theresa finished eating her lunch. She was headed back to the office. She had to sort some files out. Something about this case does not make sense. Why would you walk into a room? If you heard a gun shot? You could risk getting into danger. And who called the police?  However I do believe Veronica is innocent. As a secretary of a lawyer. She has to control her urges to play detective. She could get into trouble if she did police work. Secretaries at law firm’s are under oath. They can not discuss anything mentioned in the courtroom on a case.

Theresa reaches her office. And sits down at her desk. She typed in her password on her laptop and got into the files. She had to make the presentation look professional. She was using spellcheck, and grammar check and she received pictures of the scene. Veronica was right. Their was broken glass next to the body of Russel Kemp. And the window was open. The room had a small bar in it. Some couches, and tables. It was a cozy room. There was blood on the carpet.

Greg walks in her office.  “It seems the case is going into Veronica’s favor. And she will be innocent. But the real problem is. Who is the real murderer? And whoever it is, is still out there.”

Chapter 2:

It is 4:30 pm January 3rd.

Theresa gets home from work. She changes into her workout clothes and goes to her workout studio. She has a punching bag, treadmill, some lifting weights, and jump rope. Here she trains before she goes out before she becomes a ninja of the night.

First she warms up on the treadmill for ten minutes. Then she uses the punching bag with boxing gloves. She is punching, and kicking the bag with strong impact. Breathing and using a wide range of different kicks and punches. She does this for twenty minutes and stretches. Then she does some arm exercises with the weights. She has beautiful arms. Her bicep is toned and she has no fat on her triceps. Her legs are sculpted as well and her tummy is flat and lean. Yes, Theresa is very attractive. But has no time for a boyfriend. Sure she goes on dates but she has a double life. One life where she is respected. And the other life men see as dangerous and also keeps secret.

The phone rings. “Hello!” Theresa answered.  “Thanks for calling me back.” “Sorry mom. I am working out.” “Did you eat dinner?” Her mom replied. “I was about to go have a salad.” “Eat a cheeseburger. You are too thin! ” “You know I don’t eat meat. And I am Not too thin!” “Are you feeling alright? You seem crabby.”

Theresa ended the call. And went to have a quick dinner. She had a garden salad with Thousand Island dressing. As she was eating she turned on the news. It covered the story of the court case she was working on. Apparently there was a clue uncovered as to whom really did kill Russel Kemp.  When the gun shot was fired the suspect got out through the window. And as they were climbing down the steps to the ground floor. Something was found. Some green stuff like slime was on the rail. “That’s demon blood!” Theresa exclaimed.

Theresa knew then that she needed to go to the magic shop. And buy some magic tools. When a Demon bleeds it contains powers. And these powers can be collected if you have the right tools. So Theresa dresses into her all black leather outfit. Black pants, knee high leather heeled boots, and black corset top. With a mask that showed only her eye’s. She put her weapons inside her jacket she used in case the night gets cold. And to not be questioned buy police and shop employee’s for carrying weapons.

Theresa left her apartment and headed to the magic shop. It was only three blocks so she walked there. Once there she went inside she headed right to the potion bottles, and syringes. She knew that when she gets the blood samples. She can figure out what kind of demon killed Russel.

An old lady rang up Theresa’s items. And said. “Potion making is serious business. One wrong ingredient could make the potion unaffected.” “I’ll take my chances.” Replied Theresa.

Theresa leaves the magic shop. And goes to the building to see if she could get a blood sample from the railing of the stairwell. Hopefully the police missed some of it. So she uses a little pen sized flash light. And looked on the railing. Nothing on the bottom. So she began climbing the stairwell. And looked. Suddenly she saw some demon blood on one of the stairs. So she got out her syringe. And sucked out the blood. Then she shot the blood into a potion bottle.

“That should be enough!” Theresa thought to herself. Then quickly before anyone saw her. She left the scene of the crime.

Chapter  3:

It is early morning. It’s still dark out. Theresa is inside her apartment. Studying the demon blood sample. She has all her science tools. Like microscope, library books on demons, and a cup of hot chocolate. She looked outside her window and it is snowing. So she changes into her warm pajamas and stopped her studies. Then she got into her warm cozy bed.

BUZZ BUZZ! Theresa’s alarm clock rang.  Theresa slowly rolled out of bed and went to take a shower. As she was getting her towel.  She heard something from outside her window. Meow! A lost kitten was on the window sill. It was black and white with some tiger striped patterns.

Where did you come from? The kitten did not have a collar and appeared at least one year old. So Theresa opened her window and gave the kitten a bowl of water to drink. The kitten was friendly and accepted her offering of water.

The phone rang all of a sudden it was her boss Greg. Theresa answered. “Hello.”

“Court has been postponed for today and will resume tomorrow. The judge had a nasty fall and canceled the hearing. But I expect you here in the morning.” “Oh thank you Greg!” Theresa hung up, and went back to bed.

Chapter 4:

Theresa woke up in the late afternoon the same day. She got up and thought she should eat something. So she went into the kitchen and had some orange juice. She made a fruit smoothie. Which called for banana, strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple. She drank her smoothie slowly. While going to her lab of demon investigating.

Theresa took out the bottle of demon blood. And placed it under her microscope. She is trying to identify what kind of demon it was. And what kind of powers does it have. Immediately she saw blood cells and a strange glowing pattern in the sample.

What is causing the glowing she wondered? One thing is for sure it was powerful.  Because it seemed to mock at her gazing through the lens of the microscope.

Knock Knock! Someone was knocking on Theresa’s door. “Who could that be?”

She looked out of her peephole and saw her friend Katie standing there. She opened the door, and let Katie in.  They hugged and Katie said. “You wouldn’t believe what just happened” They walked over to the living room and sat on the couch. “Tell me.” Answered Theresa. “Well Recce (Katie’s pet name for Theresa).” I was at the movies with Darren. And when the movie was playing there was a scream in the room and heard someone shout that’s my purse. And someone ran out of the studio. With the lady’s purse. They disappeared without a trace. The lady went to report her purse stolen and the manager looked at the cameras in the theater. They saw that the thief had a silk scarf on his face. It was the same scarf as the killers in the case Theresa was working on. I believe it could be a clue to who the real killer is on your case Recci. 

But they got away and don’t know where they went. But all I know is the killer was a man. But that does not mean he did the murder. There must be dozens of the same scarf found at the scene of the crime. What makes you link this to my case?

Theresa poured some iced tea for Katie, and poured herself a glass as well. Theresa heard a familiar meow It was the kitten outside her window again. Katie saw it and said Aww Theresa poured some water for the kitten. The kitten gulped it down. Looks like you made a new friend. Said Katie.I don’t know who she belongs to. Answered Theresa.

And immediately they forgot about the conversation and played with the kitten. They were both giggling at the friendly meows.

Chapter 5:

Theresa stayed in for the night. So she could have the energy to go to the courtroom in the morning. She got her much needed sleep.  And forgot about the demon blood since Katie slept over last night.

As soon as her alarm went off. She slowly opened her eye’s. And rolled out of bed to take a shower. She stood there letting the water message her back. And lathered up in soap. She finished and dried herself. And stepped out of the shower. She dressed into a colorful suit. She did not want to wear black. She needed to break up the gothic pattern she usually has. And be normal for a change. Then she grabbed herself a muffin and made some coffee. She ate her breakfast. Katie was snoring on the couch. So Theresa left, and caught a cab to the lawyers office. She clocked in. Gregory was on the phone and saw Theresa. He motioned to her to come sit down. He looked concerned.

Gregory finished the phone call. And answered Theresa and said the case just took a turn. They said that they had two suspects of the murderers of their case. One was a man, and the other a woman. They framed Veronica Hemsworth. They have them in custody now. So Veronica was claimed innocent. The hearing will resume in fifteen minutes. So Gregory saw all of Theresa’s notes about the case. And made some corrections to the files. He was very intent of having everything professional. As they finished. They left to go to the courtroom.

Everyone was scrambling to their seats. And the judge walked in. They all rose to pay respect to the judge. Then he banged his graval and said “courtroom proceed.”

The suspects in custody were hand cuffed and brought into the courtroom. One was an overweight man with a beard. And the other was a woman with white hair. She seemed in her late 50’s. They approached the bench. And was revealed that they were suspects of the murder of Russel Kemp. What evidence do you claim that they were guilty asked Gregory They were seen escaping by someone and they were suspicious.

“Who is the someone who saw them escape.” Asked Gregory? The doorman of the hotel saw them. And he reported them to the police right away. He had them believe that they lost their luggage and when the police came. He told them that they looked guilty. That they had blood all over them. So the police investigated the crime scene and arrested them.

“How does the accused plea?” The old lady spoke first.  “We are innocent! The blood the doorman saw was from a cat who gave birth to six kittens. We were on the window patio and witnessed a mother cat and had a tough delivery. She barely recovered. But we comforted her through the birth and she lived.”

Theresa was typing this all on her laptop computer. She was busy with the recording and trying to detect if they were lying, or if the story was real. One thing is for sure we still don’t know who the killer of Russel Kemp was.

The whole courtroom was screaming with fright. So the judge had to take a break. And ordered a break for the new evidence brought to the courtroom.

So, Theresa went across the street to the lawyers office.  And all of a sudden Theresa’s brother called. “Hey sis!” I know you are nervous and scared. But wanted to tell you that I saw you the other night collecting evidence. I will look into it. I will help you find the demon who killed Russell Kemp.”

“Thank you Taj and then they hung up.”

Greg opened her office door and said. “You can go home, I know your stressed. You need to sleep well. And not  have to worry about crime investigation. It is FBI warned for top secretary and safety. You may go home.”

“Thank you Greg.” So Theresa closed her office and left.

Chapter 6:

Theresa went home and immediately got ready for bed. When her phone rang. It was from her mom. She sounded upset. “What happened!” Theresa asked. “It’s your father he had a heart attack and is now in the ambulance going to the hospital. We are headed to the hospital right now! Hold on mom I’ll be right there. I’ll meet you there. Okay!” Replied her mom. Theresa puts on some sweatpants and hoodie sweatshirt. And left to go to the hospital. She almost was speeding. But as she arrived, she called her mom to know where to meet them. They said they were in the waiting room lobby. They took him right in for surgery. Theresa then turned to her brother and asked if he was alright. He said. “I found dad in panic mode and called the ambulance.”

Then the nurse went out and told them, the surgery went well and that their dad is fine. They are switching him to a room now. We will call you when it is ready. Thank you and Thank God! They all said at once. So they waited, and waited. Then the news came on in the lobby. They were covering the case she was working on at work. They said that they found out who the killer was. And they traced the DNA evidence to one of the maids. That explains the green scarf that was left. She is now under arrest, and sentenced to life in prison.

Then the nurse came out and told them the room number is on the second floor room 34 C. They immediately went to the room. And saw their dad breathing slowly. He was asleep. But was breathing. Then the doctor came in and said. “Your father and husband will bounce back. It was a small heart attack. And that he mostly recovered in the ambulance.” Then Theresa’s dad woke up and slowly opened his eye’s. They all carefully held his hand and they were all crying.

Theresa yawned. She had a hard day and sat on the chair by the window. “Are you alright?” Asked her mom. I’m really tired and exhausted. Taj, why don’t you take Theresa home she needs sleep. I will stay here and be with your father. He will be alright.

Then, Taj took Theresa to her car. And drove them to her apartment. He said. “I will stay here sis.” Just to make sure everything was alright. He was worried about Theresa. She looked sick. So he felt her forehead. She was burning up. So he let her change into her nightgown and tucked her in bed.

Theresa slept the whole night. Taj made some soup and got her to eat. So that she could get better. By morning she looked better and well rested. Then she woke up and asked if he heard from mom? “Yeah, looks like they will release him at noon. Thank God!” Theresa whispered to herself. And they both had some more soup. They were watching cartoon’s and playing video games.

“So, now that the big case was over.” What are you going to do now? Wait for the next one I suppose. Then the kitten jumped on her lap and meowed. “Looks like you got a new pet? Yeah found her on the windowsill. What is her name? I think I will call her Tabitha.”

“By the way, I wanted you to know that I know your secret about sneaking out at night. Dressed in black. It is too dangerous in the city. She could get killed. I want you to stop trying to save the world. I know your heart is in the right place. But it is too dangerous. I do not want to see you hurt or even dead. I was thinking of getting a country house. Maybe we can move there and be in a happier place. But what about my job? You made good credit as a lawyers secretary. You will find a new one. Or you could become an aerobics instructor. You were always a strong person. You could go into nutrition.”

“I think I would like that. Okay I’ll do it!”

Chapter 7:

So, Theresa and Taj get a cabin in the forest and they had unpacked all their furniture, and boxes. They were arranging furniture and decorating. Theresa was able to unwind and relax. She also became an aerobics instructor. Theresa was happier and was enjoying life. And that is how this story ends.