Hello I’m back with another article. It’s marking my 40th anniversary this February. This anniversary is very special and I will come up with ways to celebrate your 40th anniversary. Let’s Begin!

  1. It is the 40th decade marking 2021 and we are going to have a lucky year.
  2. This Valentine’s day my parents got re-married on Feb. 17th.
  3. Billie Joe Armstrong from Greenday is the same Birthday Feb. 17th 1972.
  4. It is my Birthday April 24th and I turn 40.
  5. In Noah’s Ark it rained 40 days, and 40 nights. So the weather report I predict 40 days of cold rainy weather. And 40 nights of cold temperatures.
  6. Tailor Swift is celebrating her 40th month Top music charts.
  7. It’s time for a High School Reunion for the class of 1999.
  8. Play the lottery.

Well that’s my plans of celebrating the 40th decade. Hope you realize it is going to be the luckiest year.

Enjoy! 🙂