Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a nice day. I am back with another Book Club Recommendations for the year 2021. Let’s Begin!

The Winter of the Witch. By: Katherine Arden.

This book is the third book of the Bear and the Nightingale, and The Girl in the Tower. I have read both these two books. And this is the final story about Vasilisa Petrovna. I am really excited how the final story will end. As I enjoyed the series so far.

The Ickabog. By: J.K. Rowling.

This is the same author as the Harry Potter stories. And this is a side story from the main Harry Potter series. It is a different piece. But same style.

Red Thong Strong. By; Charlotte Hill, Linda Stoker, Debbi Comparin, Becky Elder, Terri Jutras, Bev Mann, Shelley Tyler, Debbie Williams.

This book is about a very vibrant group of friends. That collaborated together to make the ease of smoothing out life’s panty line’s. They give their experiences and advice all women should have in a sorority of girlfriends. You laugh, and feel these women’s each different styles and characters. As they compare and contrast with one another.

This will make my list for this years Book Club recommendations. The discussion for these stories will be due by March 30th, 2021. So if you are interested in these books. Check them out and see these stories in summary. Thank you All for the amazing support you given me. Enjoy!