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Hello everyone! I am back with another article on what’s new for the New Year at this blog. I will now share my new goals of what I want to achieve for the year 2021. Let’s Begin!

  1. What’s new and what can you expect to see this year is a new novel, another Beauty book, and more educative articles. I am in the process of writing a murder mystery. I will hope to get it finished by April 24th. 2021. Which marks my 40th Birthday.
  2. Yes! I said that right I will now be writing more about Beauty in your 40’s. On April 24 2021 I turn 40.
  3. I plan to have a small gathering of friends and family for my birthday. This time I will make sure to see my friends that I rarely see anymore. And make more contacts to my friends.
  4. I will continue with my education as well. I am going to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. I only have one more year and I will have my degree. I am so close to finishing and I plan to make good grades.
  5. Do more artwork as always and get my creative juices going.
  6. Find more ways to love someone.

Well, I hope you are excited in this year’s activity and look forward to get more work on this blog site. I know I wrote a lot less last year. But I was busy with school. So this year I will try to write more. Thank you all for your kind posts on my article.

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