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Winter Style Guide of 2020!


Wow! It is December already. While it’s been a very long but productive year. We are celebrating our last month of the year. From what I see in styling this year is a lot of red plaid dresses. Topped with accessories and small gatherings. We are still overcoming the downside of the Pandemic. But I do not want to let this discussion thread be a bummer. I want to spread holiday cheer in this year’s style guide. Let’s begin.

  1. From browsing online shopping stores I see a lot of red and black dresses. With a plaid pattern in them. Plaid is making its way to the stores collections. And it is setting the mood for a fun traditional setting. While gatherings are smaller. We see that plaid is making a staple in this year’s styling.
  2. Accessories in gold jewelry is also a must this season. When pairing with red, gold is a nice way of highlighting a classy look.
  3. We still need to wear face masks at all retail stores that are still open. Catch some great deals at Macy’s since they are closing stores nationwide and moving to online shopping only. You can get great sales when a store is attempting to close for good. It is sad but also you can great deals on clothes at this time.
  4. While scarves bring a finished look to this years styling. Scarves can be a great accessory tool in your wardrobe styling pieces.
  5. Black ankle boots are also a must this season. I feel a good pair of boots is a great piece to any style. A new pair of boots are also a confidence booster and really makes a conversation starter. It is always good to hear “I like your boots” from a total stranger. It makes us smile and feel good.
  6. As for make up silvery eye shadows are in this season. With lip glosses as a more soft tone to the lips. Glittery makeup can go great this season. But use it sparingly and you can be very festive.
  7. Also, a great manicure and pedicure is always a must for this years holiday celebrations. A french manicure and pedicure are simple and classy.
  8. Also, a winter purse can go great with your style. It may be time to upgrade your purse. A black purse can make an outfit look complete and can set the mood for conversation starters also.

Well I hope you all liked my style guide for this years trends. I see a lot of festive outfits and don’t forget to get yourself something as you shop for the people on your list. It’s a time of giving and also a lot of self love. So soak in a hot tub and relax. Happy Winter 2020!

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