Hello everyone! I’m back with a new style guide for 2020. Here I will demonstrate what I have seen in styling your fall wardrobe this season. Fall is the season where it becomes humid out. And one style trend that happened this year is the mask. When it is hot and your mask is too hot you wonder ways in which to cool down. As the temperatures drop this season. We can be sure that cloth masks are essential to this year. Let’s begin!

  1. The face mask- I find that I can’t breathe with the medical masks. So I have to wear cloth one’s so I can breathe better. I found masks online at Amazon and they have many designs. You can be stylish in your masks that you wear. Like, stars, lipstick, hearts, and many more designs. Now one thing you have to consider when buying your masks. You have to have it cover your nose to your neck. And the sides have to go above your ears. So the next time you buy masks look for these features. You may see some Fall designs as this season progresses. Maybe, even find some Halloween one’s. You can be very stylish.

2. Halloween is not canceled this year. Or, at least I will keep celebrating it for as long as I live. I will never let Halloween die. I will always fight for Halloween. So I will find new eventful ways to dress for the holiday. I am going to be a dark angel. I bought my wings with real feathers. My wings are black. I will pair it with a black dress with knee high boots.

3. Fall is also a year to bring out your favorite sweaters. Or you can wear hoodie sweatshirts. Get some hoodies with your favorite band. We also must keep our love of music alive. Since there are no live shows going on right now. We still can support our favorite local bands. This supports their music and you can be the coolest girl in your neighborhood.

4. The color for Fall this year is black. I see a lot of darkness this season. But in a good way. Black is classy, and chic. It slims you down and will always be a style staple. Get a new pair of black jeans. Or, maybe in velvet fabric. A material that is very soft. Get rid of any outgrown or worn out clothes. And get new clothes that are in newer shape. I am not a fan of ripped jeans. But some people do. I always try to keep my clothes like new.

5. Also boot season is in. So, get out your boots and polish them and if the sole’s are worn. Take them to a cobbler and repair the soles on your old boots. They can make your boots like new. I do not like buying boots online. This is something to try in stores in person. It will save you the hassle in returning them if they don’t fit.

6. If stores are not letting you try on things because of Covid-19. I would say buy exactly according to your size. If you are sure of your size get it and try them on in your home.

I hope this guide helped you with this years styling trends. And always keep safe and be healthy. Enjoy! 🙂