Hello Everyone. I know this post is late. But really did not see the point in doing a summer style guide. Since we all are still in quarantine. But what I will do differently is do a more of a personality style guide. Since the economy is at crisis. Our clothes are only our way of a window of our outer shell. But what goes on the inside is what counts. So let me do a style guide on personality types. And being better people at this critical time of life.

Since we get to stay at home all day. Are we doing our share of responsibility at home with family and friends? For example, do we clean and do dishes on our own. Or are you letting everything go and give it to someone else in your household? I know it doesn’t seem fair or lazy. But when was the last time you put all the dishes away. Or did the laundry on your own. Maybe clean the bathroom, and pick up after yourselves. This is something that says you are considerate of your roommates and family. By doing our share of keeping our home space clean and fresh. It makes it so much healthier.

Do we say good morning and goodnight to our loved ones? This makes people think you care that there is another new day and ending the day with peace between your family and friends.

Do you call you’re friends or do they call you? Sometimes you should just brighten up their day with a happy hello or say “Hello it has been a really nice day today. And hope your day goes well. And have a wonderful day.” This will brighten up their day. And you can talk and catch up with your friends.

When was the last time you cooked something delicious? It takes the load off of your family. And you can create wonderful delicious dishes.

Have you done any artwork, journaling, and crafts? This should make your time to yourself fun. You can create wonderful paintings, or do coloring books, reading, and writing in your journal. It makes you productive.  And people will admire you for it.

Do you say Please and Thankyou often? Manners go a long way. You want to have a good reputation of saying please and thank you. It makes people enjoy your company and will keep talking to you.

I hope this helped you all in this year’s Summer Style Guide. I really don’t see the point in styling since we have to stay home anyway. Happy Summer <3