Hello Everyone!  I am back with another style guide for Spring 2020! While doing my research I noticed that the color trends of this year are solid colors. We are moving away from patterns. And it looks more solid pieces are put together. Here is a color chart for this years color schemes.


spring colors 2020

It looks more primary colors are making their way to the shopping racks and catalogs. Let’s begin this discussion with new ways for style.

  1. Classic Blue-  Is the one main color this year. If you have tan skin it is better to go with a darker shade of blue. As with lighter skin you may want to use a light blue color. Like sky blue, or baby blue. Or go with denim as your way of getting more blue in your wardrobe.
  2. I also see a lot of Poppies (the flower) in fabrics this year. It seems we picked the Poppy for this years flower choice. And in different colors.
  3. The rainbow- is also appearing in clothes as well. I own a colorful rainbow dress. And every time I wear it, I get compliments. It gives a fun cheerful expression.
  4. A new set of sneakers is a great way to update your wardrobe. Skechers is showing really cute ideas lately. And I couldn’t resist buying from them. I found a pair of red sneakers and they are so cute. I couldn’t resist.
  5. Also get into the habit to update your wardrobe. Spring is about “letting go of the old and in with the new.” So go through your closet and donate old unworn clothes. If you don’t wear it, and it is too small, or you outgrown them. Put them in the donate pile. Or have a garage sale.
  6. Buy a new sun hat. Yes! sun hats are still my way to protect my scalp from the sun. Let’s make sun hats a trend this year. They have some really cute choices. And I really love all of mine. They are fun and stylish.
  7. It’s sandal season and your feet should look soft and groomed. Get a pedicure, buy some foot lotion, and apply lotion every night and sleep with socks on. To minimize cracks in your heels.
  8. Also throw out your expired Sunscreens and buy new SPF products. Including your makeup. But with the Corona virus. People will be staying in more this year. There will be less people on the beaches, lakes, and pools. So be cautious if you plan to be outside. Do not share drinks, food, or smokes. (If you smoke stop bumming and buy your own.)

Well that’s all I have to say about this years style trends. I hope I helped you with your styling this year of 2020! Stay safe, and wash those hands!