Hello Everyone! This post is very special it marks the 200 posts achievement. So what I would like to do is answer some of your questions about blogging.

  1. Many of you comment that you like the theme and design of my site. I use the button theme in the WordPress library. It is a free design. And is simple and has a great response in my site layout.
  2. Many of you asked if it is hard to have a blog site. It depends on your niche. I write for fun, and give the best advice I can. And many of you comment that my subjects are classy, witty, funny, and entertaining.
  3. Many of you asked if you need widgets or special coding. Not really I don’t use widgets. The only coding I do is when I post videos from Youtube to my site. But those go in my HTML code section when I create my posts. You just copy the special coding from the video sharing tools on Youtube. And paste it to your HTML code section. In the post creator.
  4. Many of you asked if you would like to be a co-author on my site. I am considering it. You may email me at angelofdestiny420@hotmail.com. Your ideas and we can communicate an arrangement. I will not grant my passwords or private files. But you may give me your ideas through email. So I can incorporate them on my site.
  5. Many of you have technical problems with my site. Please read my article titled: Technical Difficulties with my Site. It is in the Misc Section of this site. And it will answer most of your problems.
  6. Many of you say I should use better titles. I try my best with each and every post. To make it entertaining and fun to read. Our ideas may clash sometimes. But I never want you to be bored. This site is for fun and have a safe experience for my readers. I try to make it fun for everyone.
  7. Some of my work is published and you can get a copy of my work through Amazon or Blurb.com. Order your books and they will be shipped to you in a hard copy.

Well I hope I answered your questions on owning your own blog site. I am not ignoring you. I just wanted to answer your questions in one place. I do not have all your emails. And this makes it easier to answer many of your questions. Thank you all for your positive encouragement to keep my site up and continue writing. It makes me feel successful. Take Care!