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Tips for Spring Cleaning:


Hello Everyone! I’m back with another topic. We will discuss spring cleaning tips. That you will want to keep your things organized, clean, and clutter free.  It is now the time of year when we do our spring cleaning for this year. I like to spring clean at least four times a year.  I don’t mean I don’t clean on other days. But I do a little more deep cleaning and organizing four times a year. As each season changes. So I stay healthy from dust mites, sleep in clean sheets, have an organized closet, and shoes in order. Not to mention the smell of my house is fresh and clean. Let’s Begin!


  1. What to start with first. It may be a challenge to know where to start with your spring cleaning. Maybe strip your bed covers and sheets. And put them in the washer. And if your bed  covers are only dry cleanable put those aside so you can drop them off to your local cleaners. A clean bed is healthy. Also with a vacuum hose. Vacuum your mattress with hot air so you kill dust mites. It feels good to sleep in a clean bed and the fresh smell of clean linen always make you sleep peacefully.


2.  Dusting. The next thing I like to do after my bed is made and ready. Is I like to dust my furniture in my room. So I use wood cleaner because I have wood furniture in my room and house. I clear the surface from my decorations and things on the furniture. And use a dust rag and clean the surface of the furniture.  I like the smell of Pledge. A fresh lemony or orange scent is good to breath in. I dust wherever I can reach. I also dust the decorations and lamps and record player. Then I put the decorations back to their place. And feel refreshed.

3. Organizing closet.  First thing I see when I look into my closet is my shoes. I have shoe racks and many shoes on the floor. So I pull out my shoes from the racks and dust the nooks and cranny’s of my shoe racks. Then I re-organize my shoes. With my clothes I coordinate my clothes into a winter section, and summer section. Long sleeve shirts on the left, and short sleeved shirts on the right. My dresses are in my second closet along with my coats and jackets.  I’m lucky I have two closets that I don’t share with anyone. So it makes things clutter free. 

4. Clean my dresser and bookcase. When cleaning my dresser I clear the surface and put all the jewelry boxes and nick knacks aside. And dust the wood surface with Pledge. I also clean my mirror and dust every inch that I can reach. I also sit on the floor so I can dust the cabinets. Once done I put everything back and organized. After my dresser is finished I clean my bookcase. I clean the surface and reorganize my books. 

5. Clean windows and fan. My windows have shutters so I take a swifter duster and dust my blinds and pull open the doors. So I can clean the glass with glass cleaner.  I also dust the window sill. Every inch of dust is cleaned. Then I do the same for the ceiling fan. Sometimes I like to spray the duster with some Windex. And dust each of the fans handles. 

6. Vacuum. The last thing I like to do is vacuum my carpet. Once everything is off the floor and the carpet is clean I feel better. It makes my house breathable. And is the last thing I do when I clean. 

7. One More thing I finish cleaning. I clean my office and office station. I dust the computer desk, reorganize my shelves, and dust the computer area and printer area. This makes my work with the computer better. It is my office for school and work. So a cleaner station is a good management task. 

You may say Good Job! It is important to have a clean home. Because it keeps you from getting sick. You kill germs, and feel better. Once everything is organized. You will be happy and healthier. Happy 2020!

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