Hello Everyone! I’m back with another winter style guide. For the year of 2019. What I have seen this year so far. It’s all about soft colors. And a lot of silks and satin’s. A pale green, or pale pink is this season’s color choices. It seems their mixing spring with winter. Which is different for this time of year. So Let’s begin.

  1. Pale green and pale pink are in this season. It seems silk and satin are making their way to the racks. Like a slip dress, mixed with a cardigan sweater. Although this look can be a bit cold. Wear some pantyhose to keep your legs warm. And is better than a bare leg.

slip dress

2. Boots: Also knee high boots are going to be a plus this year.  Wear them  with a sweeter dress. Or wear ankle boots when you wear them with jeans and pants.

sweater dress

3. Gloves: Are going to be in also. I own a couple of knit and crochet gloves. And they keep your hands warm. Very stylish and chic.

4. Beenie Hats: I see a lot of Beenie hats all over. And a lot of women are picking up this trend. It keeps your head and ears warm. And is a friendly feeling seeing this look on girls. If you get someone to crochet one for you. It would be an added plus.

5. Scarves: Are in also, it completes an outfit, and keeps your neck warm. Learn the different ways you can wear them. They can be displayed very nicely. And is very chic.

6. Red Lipstick: Pick out a new red shade lipstick. Maybe a candy apple red, or a ruby red. For the Holiday’s coming up. Wear it with a basic black eyeliner look. With your eye’s, and you will be very classy.

7. Diamond Jewelry: Wearing diamonds during the Holiday’s are a very festive. And classy look. Wearing a pair of diamond silver hoop earrings. Or a heart shaped diamond necklace is very pretty. If it was a gift to you by someone it is a perfect time to wear their gifts as you celebrate with your friends and family. 


I hope you liked this style guide for this winter. And this complete’s the Winter 2019 Style Guide Enjoy! 🙂