Hello Everyone! I’m back with another topic. The Holidays are here. And so are all the coupons littering your emails. But if you are like me. I really don’t need anything. I have enough clothes, jewelry, books, and art crafts. I have an elephant collection that is respectable. So if you are wondering what to buy me, or someone who has everything. Here are things that can’t go wrong with that person in your life. That has everything.

  1. Christmas cookies are a great gift to give the most stubborn person on your list. So make a batch of Christmas cookies. Give these as a gift and they will be cherished.
  2. Beauty Spa kit- Like a facial mask, lotions, soaps, perfumes, and nail polish. This is something that is needed. It will make them feel special that you thought of bath products as a gift.
  3. A pair of new slippers- This is a gift that makes their feet nice, cozy, and warm.
  4. A calendar for the next year. This will help them make the next year full of memories.
  5. Cook Books with some really yummy dishes.  Are a great gift to give.


I hope I helped you with your Christmas shopping.  Until next time! 🙂