Hello everyone! I’m back with another fitness article.  It’s all about fitting in exercise with a busy work schedule. I get it. You have a part time or full-time job. And all you want to do is sleep in on your days off. And any time to yourself you just want to relax. Then, you neglect your fitness goals. You stopped going to the gym. And eat fast food when you don’t want to cook. Then, you get on the scale and it reads 200 lbs.

Now that you realize you’re in a rut. I want to help you get back on track with your exercise routine. So get your calendar or daily planners. And we will create a plan for the up coming months.

  1. Set a goal time and place when you want to workout. Like, 30 minutes, three times a week. And what type of exercise. Like kick boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Kettle Bell, and more. I do like to workout at home better, but I also find time to go to workout classes with friends. Once in awhile. This will bring more motivation.
  2. Working out with friends. Like I said, I workout in a class in my neighborhood. And it has helped a lot. Sometimes if you have a partner to workout with. You learn more ways to make exercise more fun and effective.
  3. Get back into cooking more. It’s healthier to plan meals. So create your shopping lists in advance. Also get into cookbooks that provide delicious recipes. It’s fun to cook.
  4. Meal prep in your work week. You can always set a time to cook on your days off. Then cook meals ahead of time through the week. You can freeze some of your left overs. And have meals ready when you eat on a work day.
  5. Is your at-home gym collecting dust? If you haven’t been using your gym equipment at home. I suggest you use it now! You don’t want to waste your money. And you can do it at home. So kick your butt into active mode.
  6. Rotate your workouts. For instance, every Monday you can focus on arms and back, every Wednesday you can work on legs and butt, and every Friday, work your abs. So maybe one day, you can do kick boxing, and another day you can do Zumba. Or, maybe you want to do more weight strengthening. However you do it. Make sure you’re adding variety to make working out fun and enjoyable. You will get more results by mixing it up a bit.
  7. Workout DVD’s. Are a great tool to keep fit. And you can do them at home. They get your heart rate up. And you have more privacy to do them. And they run anywhere between 20 to 60 minute workouts.

I hope I encouraged you to get out there and kick butt. Enjoy! 🙂