Hi Everyone! I’m back with a new topic. Fall is officially here. And I have created this post. For my goals this new Fall season. My goals this year is my way of trying new things. And create a list of goals of what I would like to see this year. With a new Fall update on this blog. Let’s Begin!


  1. Give my Exercise a Boost: I have to admit during the summer. I was slacking this year in my exercise routine. I did however eat more vegetarian dishes. So my diet has improved. When my dad came back from India. He cooked all kinds of yummy vegetarian dishes. I also walk everyday. So for this Fall I would like to make more time in my physical health. It was a very hot summer. And skipped my daily exercise routine. So to put my butt into shape, and to where I want to be. I will exercise at least three times a week.
  2. Clean my room and office: Every season I like to deep clean my living space and office. Doing this will organize and make a better environment. I will go into this season feeling fresh and new.
  3. Organize my Closet:  Going through my closet and finally get rid of worn and outgrown clothes. Then sending the clothes to donation centers. By doing this I will organize my clothes.
  4. Get Back Into My Art: I haven’t drawn, colored, or painted, in a very long time. I’ve been too focused on work. That I have neglected my creative side. So I am going to make time to do something I love.
  5. Do Something Fun with Friends: Like I’ve said I have been too focused with work. That I haven’t been around my friends that much. I have to make time for them. Life is more than career. It’s also enjoying time with friends. And have fun. To forget about stressful situations. And be around a positive environment. Also to call a friend you haven’t talk to in awhile. It’s okay to make that call.
  6. Go see a Movie:  It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a movie in the theater. If I see a movie once a month. Would be more a reason to call a friend and make plans. For something fun to do.
  7. Going Back to School: I’ve also made a decision of going back to school. I will be completing my Bachelors, and then going into Teacher Training Services. It’s an online program. I want to become a teacher.
  8. Spiritualism & Health: Making my spiritual and physical health a priority. Like reading something metaphysical, praying daily, read the Bible everyday, join Bible study.  Connect  with nature, God, and spirit. Also schedule appointments for my health. Like, going to the Dentist, and get a physical.

This is my Fall goal list. Make your own lists. And see if you will be doing these events too. It’s always good to start off the season to a good start. Hope you enjoyed this post. Take Care! 🙂