Hello Everyone! It’s that time again to discuss style. In this new Fall season arriving soon. I have seen some interesting pieces. What is different this year. Is I see a lot of bold prints. Like flowers mixed with cheetah. And I can smell the pumpkins already. Also shops are now decorated for the Fall and Halloween. So let’s continue this thread.

  1. Bold prints are making the racks at many clothing stores. Like flowers mixed with cheetah. Or polka dots in colors like red, blue, and green.
  2. A pair of new fitted jeans. Are a must this season. A flattering jean that accentuates your best features, are a casual, and classy style.
  3. Longer skirts that go past the knee. Paired with some knee-high boots. Are a classy combination.
  4. Sweater dresses are making the racks at many clothing stores. I know I love mine. Paired with a wide belt around your waist. Gives a slimming look to your figure.
  5. Graphic tee-shirts. With animals. Like elephants, cats, dogs, and others. Make a nice personality to your wardrobe.
  6. Also don’t forget to pick out your Halloween costume this year. If you make your own even better. But if your like me. I hate sewing. So pick one from a costume store. Or Amazon for the lowest prices.
  7. A new set of black panty hose, or tights are a must. It’s good for church functions. It’s better to wear these, than a bare leg. It shows modesty, and is classy.
  8. Scarves are a great accessory to style with. Learn different ways to wear them. And this will make your outfit complete.
  9. Graphic tee-shirts with pumpkins and skulls. Are a great way to show personality.
  10. As for your makeup. Use Fall colors like gold, tan, caramel, and silver eye shadow.  It’s important to balance these colors in your look.

I hope I helped you all in this post. Here is the New Style Guide 2019!