Hello everyone! This is the discussion of my summer reading list. I posted in the book club earlier this summer. And here is the discussion. Let’s Begin!


  1. The House at the Edge of Night! By: Catherine  Banner

This story is about how a man named Amedeo. Who moved to an island to be a doctor. He was adopted by a man. Who took care of him in his youth. And sent him to medical school. He became a doctor. At Castellamare, the name of the island town. That Amedeo moved to. Was inhabited by a small town. Where everyone knew your business. And was big for gossip. Amedeo was said to be seen with Instabu’s wife, Concetta. And they had an affair together. This upset the town mayor. And he threatened to take Amedeo’s medical license. But Amedeo married Pina. And moved to an old worn down house, called House at the Edge of Night. And made it into a bar. And became a little restaurant, and house for Amedeo’s family. He denied that Concetta’s baby was his. And made it so they could not enter the bar.

So Amedeo and Pina had three boys (Tullio, Aurelio, and Flavio), and one girl ( Maria- Grazia).  Maria-Grazia came too early and they discovered that she needed leg braces. She was super smart though. And they saw that she was highly intelligent. Her casts had to be changed every night.  Later in the story, she learned to walk without her braces. And no longer needed them.  Then the older boy’s were sent to join the service. And fight in the war. They left. And Maria-Grazia, managed the bar, while her parents were grieving over their sons.

Then Maria-Grazia and Robert (a soldier they found lost at sea). Fall in love. Robert is forced to leave. But returns later for Maria-Grazia’s hand in marriage. They have two boy’s (Sergio, and Giuseppino). Although the two boys hated each other. And when Amedeo and Pina died. They left the diner to the boys. They are to share the ownership. And also a book of their great grandfather’s stories.

Sergio, has a lover (named Pamela), and they have a little baby girl named Maddalena. The family grew to love the girl. But Sergio and his girlfriend split. And she moved to England. So Sergio raised the little girl. And the girl came to love the bar. And grew up. She left for awhile. And attended medical school. And became a doctor. She returns to the island. And became owner of the bar. Then Maria-Grazia reveals she did have a half brother (named Andrea). From Concetta.  And they become close after her father died. Because he always got upset when they were together. He never owned up to the fact he had another son. Then that is how this story ends.


2. The Modern Faerie Tales! By: Holly Black

This book was very eventful. There was so much drama and story twists. This book was in three parts. The main characters in the first part was.  Kaye, Janet, Corny, Lullou, and Roiben.  Kaye is the main character. And she finds out she is a real faerie. She grew up seeing her friend faerie’s. And they reveal to her that she was a real faerie too. And that she was disguised. And looked like a normal person. But she turned into her true form.

Janet is Kaye’s best friend. And Janet’s boyfriend was hitting on Kaye. He kissed Kaye. And Janet saw. They didn’t speak for days. Then she called and invited Kaye to a party. But Kaye liked Roiben. Who happens to be a faerie. While at the party. Janet walks off with a different boy. And a Kelpie pulled her into the ocean. And Janet drowns under the water. Kaye is heart broken. Janet was buried in the cemetery.

The second part of the story. Is about a girl named Valerie. (Val for short.)  Val finds out that her mom and her boyfriend were having an affair. Val runs away to New York. And never comes home. She meets a girl named Lollie Pop. And two boys named David and Stan. Who happened to be brothers. They make friends with Val. And they were junkies. They shoot a drug named nevermore. By syringes. And Val does it too. They meet a troll named Harod. And they do errands for him. Then Val is introduced to the faerie realm. And they were being accused of poisoning faeries. And they were framing Harod.

Harod finds out about Val shooting Never. And is mad. They were beginning to have feelings for each other. And when he finds out that Val has been shooting Never.  He wrote her off.

Then Val decides to go home. And faces her mom. And takes the car. She finds Harod and a faerie with goat hooves for hands. She took his heart out. Val then battles this faerie and wins. Val returns Harod’s heart. And he becomes well. They knew then that they loved each other. Val goes home. And finishes school.

The third part of the story. Kaye was with Roiben, they loved each other. And Roiben happens to be king of the Unseelie Court. Which is a kingdom of faeries. Kaye is told that she must complete a quest to have Roibens’ courtship. And needs to make a declaration of love to him. Only she does this in front of a whole crowd of faeries. Roiben then asked her to bring him a faerie that can lie. It is known that faeries can not lie.

Then Kaye reveals her true self to her mom. And says that she was switched with another baby. When she was a infant. Her mom was mad, and slaps her. Kaye left. And later she goes to her grandmothers’ and Kate was brought back. By Kaye’s request from the queen of the Seelie Court. (The other faerie kingdom.)  That the real Kaye is returned to her mother.

As the story unravels. We find that Kaye revealed she was the faerie that can lie. And wins the quest. Roiben declares his love for Kaye. Kaye opens a coffee shop in New York. Called Moon and Coffee. And Val is revealed to be pregnant with Harod’s baby.

I know it’s a very big book. And I read it with passion. I didn’t really care for the shooting up Nevermore part. But I didn’t write it. I could not put it down.


3. The Gilded Wolves! By: Roshani Chokshi

This is a book that takes place in Paris. It dates back to the 1700’s era. It is an old fashioned setting. When women wore gowns, and the parties had masks. The main characters of the story are. Severin, Enrique, Laila, Zarra, Patrick, and Horrace.

The story is about this group of friends. Wanting to steal an artifact. From the House of Night. It is said to be a fragment from the Tower of Babel. Yes this is referencing to the story in the Bible. About the Tower of Babel. And how God destroyed it. This artifact is called the Horrus Eye. And is said to be very valuable.

The main plot of the story is that the main characters are acting out a plan. To steal the Horrus Eye during one of the parties at the House of Night. They split up arriving in different coaches. To not seem suspicious. Long story short. They find the Horus Eye in a library under the greenhouse. Only  to be attacked by a monster. They however manage to kill the monster. And escape, leaving the party. Only to find Patrick was captured and was held prisoner. They are forced to come back to the palace. And they find the headquarters. They find Patrick, and escape when Zarra and Enrique setting fire to place. And they all escape.

The ending of the story was a bit dull. And Patrick dies. I didn’t like the ending. It was kind of weird. But I read it. And glad I finished it on time.


Well I hope you enjoyed my Book Club for the Summer. If you wish to comment please do so. Enjoy!