Hello Everyone! I know it has been a long time since I posted any articles. But this article is a recap of your New Year’s Resolutions update. It is now half a year at the end of this month. June is approaching fast. And now we can discuss if our resolutions we made in the beginning of the year is still in affect. It is still not too late to give up on your list of goals of what you wanted to achieve. I will now include my list and recap what I have been doing so far.

  1. Try a new exercise: I still attend my workout classes in my neighborhood. At Nutrition BLVD. By working out with friends, and having amazing results by working out as a team. I also do many workout DVD’s. I tried kickboxing. Which is a new technique I wanted to try. I also walk almost everyday.
  2. Drink more water: I try to sip water all day at my job. Instead of soda and sugar filled drinks. Could probably drink more. To admit, I should probably drink more than I currently do. But I can always start again.
  3. Finished reading my books in my Book Club. Now I am working on my summer reading list. So that is one thing to check off my list.
  4. Budgeting money wisely: And paying down bills. Not really spending much.  And  recording everything spent.
  5. Clean and De-clutter my room. To admit that I have been working more this past year. I have a new job since November. So I have been lazy on my days off. But I do make my bed every time I leave the house. I also do laundry every weekend. So I’m not doing too bad. But I will do my summer cleaning in the beginning of next month. I will de-clutter, and organize my things.
  6. Yes! I am still writing here at my blog site. And what keeps me going is all of your comments. I have received very positive feedback. And I thank all of you who read my articles. I will post more often, And continue. So I’ll check this off my list as an achievement.
  7. Do some art projects like paint, draw, color, photography, read, cook, and write. This can be checked off my list. I have been getting into Diamond Painting. They are beautiful. And they always look pretty when finished. Also coloring in my adult coloring books. And also taking photos of sunsets, and sky.

So as you can see, I’ve been very active and productive this year. So I can say my year has been successful. Here is a pic of one of my Diamond Paintings. Enjoy.

Diamond beach