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Kick Boxing Body Review!


Hello Everyone! Over the past month I have been trying kickboxing. I bought some DVD’s and have been exercising religiously.  I wanted to share my results. I can see a big difference in my body. And really would recommend to others who have not tried kickboxing. And here are a few of my pictures. I can see my tummy is flatter and my body is lean and straighter. I wanted to try DVD’s before I join the I Love Kickboxing gym. I wanted to do some training before I join.

I did not photoshop these pictures. It is the truest body image.

I Love Kickboxing. It kicks butt. And can really see the results fast. There will be a follow up in the upcoming month’s to see my progress.  So if you haven’t tried kickboxing to tone and strengthen I would say try it.

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