Hello Everyone! It’s that time again to discuss the upcoming spring style guide. Are you ready for the spring? For the next month or two. We will have warmer temperatures. So it’s time to see the latest trends this season. Let’s Begin!

  1. Now is also a time when sales for winter items are at the best deals. I just got a new pair of boots for just $31.00 at http://www.jessicalondon.com. And they are very stylish. Many stores are trying to get rid of their winter supplies. So they are marked down. So shop away!
  2. I see a lot of flowers in clothing. Flowers are going to be the main focus in this years trends.

Phone Pics 131

Outfit found at JC Penney

3. Also I am seeing a lot of peach, and coral colors. So these are the main colors to shop for.

Sun Hat pic 2

Outfit found at Kohl’s!

pink suit

Outfit found at Jessica London!

 4. Also I see a lot of greens too. If you’re not a pink fan. Go for a shade of green. Green means luck and money. So add a green blouse with some jeans. And you will be bold.

5. Also get a new purse. It’s always good to change purses to fit the upcoming season. So a nice neutral color will keep you up to date.

6. Now is also a time to get new sunscreen. Throw out your expired sunscreens. And also expired makeup too.

7. Get a new sun hat. Sun hats are an accessory to protect your scalp from the sun. And they are fun.

8. Buy a set of flat shoes. Instead of sandals. I don’t wear sandals. Because they cause calluses. So I switched to a pair of flat, slip on shoes.


Found at Jessica London.com!

9. Buy a new pair of sun glasses. Pick a pair that compliments your face. This will protect your eye’s and reduce dark circles.

10. Also now is the time to get your hair done in a salon. A new style and trim can do wonders for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. This is the Spring Style Guide 2019!