Hello Everyone! It is February 1st. And I have been busy with amazing ideas for this blog site. But for now I want to talk about Valentine’s Day! This year is a very special year for me. But to celebrate this day. Is that I’m celebrating beauty. I will take a beauty spa day. Relax in a hot bubble bath, do a facial, and relax. Valentine’s Day is a day to appreciate the beauty around us. Such as nature, artwork,  health, family and friends. Here’s what I will be doing for Valentine’s Day. And hope I inspire you to do the same.

  1. Take a walk in nature, and take pictures. Go to the forest, mountains, beach, or park. Take deep breath’s and let go of worries, stress, and enjoy nature.
  2. Taking a beauty spa day. Take a long hot bubble bath. Do a facial, do nails, and relax.
  3. Read a book that keeps your interest. Reading is important. You are creating ideas. You’ll be able to write better. And as a blogger. The more you read. The better writer you’ll be.
  4. Do any type of artwork.  I have been getting into Diamond Painting. Also I do a lot of adult coloring books. I love expressing my creativity. And I love getting into an art project.

5. Telling the people in my life “I Love you”.  It’s important to do this because you never know when a loved one wont be around. So let them know how much they mean to you.

6. If you are single.  Have a friend date. You can watch girl movies. Like Sleepless in Seattle, the Notebook, He’s Just Not that Into You, and anything that is a love story.

7. If you are with someone that’s great. Cook a meal at home and have a candle lit dinner. With just the two of you. Drop off the kids off at their babysitter. And have a night with just  him and you.

8. If you are exchanging gifts with someone. Give them something that speaks to their heart. Like a made up coupon book. Like a free back massage, a picnic, or a picture date. Have them redeemable for the whole year.   You can get templates for coupon books on Google. Just type in dating coupon book templates. And you can make them personalized.












9. If you’ve been wanting to date a certain guy. And don’t know how to get his attention. Give him a short and sweet letter. Asking him to join you. For an evening out. It’s ok to make the first move. If he responds within 7 days. It may mean he likes you too. ( Please read my article titled. The Correct Way to Write a Letter to Your Boyfriend.)

10. Have fun. And enjoy a day where you love yourself. Self love is important. Before you can love someone else. You have to love yourself first. It will make you more approachable to men.

Well I hope I got you excited for Valentine’s Day. Have a good one! <3